Alternative mascara - eyelash. Part 2
 Long thick eyelashes - a luxurious setting that can make your eyes magically attractive and irresistible - not a dream but a reality.

The procedure lasts 1 building, 5 2 hours, and it is completely painless and harmless. Each synthetic eyelash (beam eyelashes) individually glued on natural hypoallergenic with a special resin, which provides them with a secure hold for a long time. Before the procedure is removed from your eyelashes mascara, foundation of which is then degreased. Building starts with the outer corner of the eye and gradually beam of a beam attached. The same long eyelashes makes your face look like a puppet, so naraschёnnye Mills lashes across the line of growth, to give the image more natural.

Currently, two popular technology eyelash: poresnichnoe (Japanese) and particle beam . Poresnichno technology It allows you to achieve the most natural, since almost no visible eyes. Time socks eyelashes naraschёnnyh on Japanese technology - about a month. The procedure takes 1, 5-2 hours depending on the volume.

With the help of individual cilia it can be created as a natural form of eyelashes (cilia to choose the right size), and get the effect of a mysterious look, using a long cilia, and use them to make their own volume. With eyelash on this technology every two to three weeks (depending on the individual growth of eyelashes) requires correction. The life of natural lashes a few weeks, then eyelash falls and in its place grows a new one. Correction naraschёnnyh eyelashes is that the place of fallen glued silk (or mink) grown on young cilia. Timely correction with naraschёnnymi eyelashes can go a very long time. They can be painted with ink (not waterproof) and decorate. Removed naraschёnye eyelashes simply using a special liquid.

When you build the finest poresnichno cilium, missed a special elastic adhesive is attached to the base of the natural. Such capacity looks absolutely natural. Place attachment completely unnoticed. When poresnichno capacity pasted a large number of lashes, so even if a few "basic" cilia, which are attached to the artificial, after some time falls, the effect is still preserved. Such capacity is imperceptible and does not create discomfort in the area of ​​the eyelids. These cilia can be increased in preparation for a special event or before the holiday, but can be worn continuously, periodically adjusting.

Another technique of creating luxurious eyelashes - particle beam capacity . This is a traditional, long-known capacity. It is produced by means of beams, which consist of 5-6 eyelashes. The procedure is quick - about 30 minutes. Wearing period of up to 2 weeks. "Ramping up" as all the upper eyelid, and only the outer corners of the eyes for effect, "the fox look." With this method you can reach artistic, mysterious, languid eyes. This method is recommended for those who are not planning to keep walking with eyelash extensions who need to be more expressive and elegant look for a short time. Removal takes place with a special liquid. With self removal naraschёnnyh eyelashes there is a high probability of injury to natural.

Long fluffy eyelashes give a special look expressive. Their length, color and bending can make your image of a mysterious and languid. And if nature has blessed you are thick and long lashes, this problem can be easily solved by building.

Now you do not have to waste time removing and applying mascara, do not need special care, eyelashes "will flow." In addition, you do not need to change their way of life - as before, you can visit the room, sauna, swimming pool, quietly swim in the sea on vacation. And in the end, naraschёnnye eyelashes are indispensable for special occasions.
Author: Inna Sedykh