Alternative mascara - eyelash. Part 1
 Long thick eyelashes - a luxurious setting that can make your eyes magically attractive and irresistible - not a dream but a reality.

How many times have you buying a new ink manufacturers who claim that your eyelashes will be gorgeous, disappointed? How many times have convinced the hard way that the false eyelashes make us neestetsvennymi and threaten to fall off at the most inopportune moment? And we can not think of that lashes pop diva and supermodels actually become long and thick not by staining ink, and a slightly different procedure - eyelash. Like most decorative treatments, the service "Eyelash" was born in Hollywood, and was available only to a select group of clients. In recent years it has spread in Europe, through not only the aesthetic effect as practicality. They do not require special care, ie, they do not need to paint every morning and evening to remove the mascara. Fortunately, in our time have a wonderful eyelashes - it's not just for a chosen few.

By its technology application process is not much different from the usual sticking synthetic eyelash with a special glue, which is sold in stores. The procedure for extension is that the base of your lashes with a special glue, passed dermatological and ophthalmologic control, resin attached neat bundles of artificial eyelashes. Bunches of eyelashes may also consist of natural or synthetic hair. Natural eyelashes come in several forms:

1.   Silk. Structure extensible silk cilia very thin. It recommended for light and thin eyelashes.
2.   Mink eyelashes. Ideal for everyone. Has elasticity, due to which, during wear practically do not change their shapes do not bend and do not wring (analog eyelashes column).
3.   Eyelashes sable. Used mainly in the ekstradlinnom capacity and have a glossy sheen that makes them different in appearance from the natural lashes.

The beams are of three types: short, medium and long. It is best to choose a medium. So how long can not look quite natural, but perfect for the creation of or the extravagant stage image. Clay is a black and colorless. Colorless disguises place adhesions, and has the effect of black eyeliner.

Can artificial eyelashes cause allergies? Allergy to glue or stackable eyelashes occurs very rarely - only if you are hypersensitive to the components of the adhesive. However, it may be allergic to the eyelashes of the artificial fibers that contain nylon. Contraindications to capacity are conjunctivitis, increased sensitivity of the eyes, tearing.

The life cycle of our eyelashes is 2- 3 weeks, so by the end of this term
naraschёnnye your lashes Will fly in a natural way - then you need to make a correction - the place of fallen built up a new eyelash. Eyelashes can be removed and yourself - apply a castor or olive oil for the night, it will soften the gum, which are attached beams. To your new luxurious eyelashes crumble before this term, it is necessary to observe certain regulations :

• after the building can not be wetted eyelashes for 2-3 hours;
• Do not go to the pool;
• Do not go to the bath or sauna and steam baths make for a person;
• Do not rub your eyelashes and sleeping face in the pillow;
• Do not apply the cream on the eyelids, removing make-up, and be careful when washing;
• not recommended perm lashes.

Long fluffy eyelashes give a special look expressive. Their length, color and bending can make your image of a mysterious and languid. And if nature has blessed you are thick and long lashes, this problem can be easily solved by building. Now you do not need to spend time on the cover and remove the carcass, do not need special care, eyelashes "will flow." In addition, you will not need to change their way of life: as before, you can visit the room, sauna, swimming pool, quietly swim in the sea on vacation. And in the end, naraschёnnye eyelashes are indispensable for special occasions.
Author: Inna Sedykh