Cosmetic products that do their job
 The story behind the top-selling cosmetic products that really work amazingly.

Beauty, overly complicated thing. Television advertising with painted women starring tells us about "the seven signs of aging" or the effectiveness Boswelox (concentrated Phyto), ceramides and free radical fighters. Nevertheless, most of us want to know three things. Will this make me slimmer? Will this make me younger? Will this make me beautiful?

Some products are well sold, because they work, and women rely on them for years.

There are several products (some of which we describe below), who do not need flashy advertising campaigns or pseudo-scientific explanations. They are in demand because they work, and women trust them more than a year.

Lotion Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion   does not state that will make you younger and remove age spots. He only performs a simple job of keeping the softness and elasticity of the skin is already since 1968.

It is odorless, fairly lightweight and suitable for all skin types. He is also a bestseller. If you have tried all sorts of means, commercially available, without a doubt buy it - you will not regret.

Cream for hands and nails Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment   - The savior of the majority of our readers are struggling with dry skin due sverhkonditsionirovannyh offices. For some reason cosmetic companies rarely succeed cream for hands: either they are too fat or not enough nutrition. Version Clarins - perfect, it is the "number one" of sales.

Salve Clarins Beauty Flash Balm   It has the second highest sales in the company's hierarchy. The name promises a lot and constrains their promises. If you use the tool under a moisturizer, Flash Balm helps relieve signs of fatigue or sleepy face. I like to use as the basis of a balm with tinted moisturizer or foundation. It can be used even with tanning.

Chanel No 5   - Best-selling perfume of all time, we can say about it "unrivaled". Like most women, it attracts me because my mother recalls.

If the smell - the most common being in the memories of feeling, it should produce the same effect with my daughter. Therefore it is not difficult to imagine why the stranglehold Chanel No 5 is valid for as many generations of women. Generally, it is a wonderful fragrance, which has no analogue, and, most likely, will not.

Cream Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream   - Obligatory inhabitant cabinet first aid and a handbag. Created in 1930, this multi-functional balm that can be used on chapped and dry skin, and on minor cuts and burns. It can also be used as an intensive treatment of the hands and feet, and he is very well softens and soothes the skin after a wax treatment or shaving legs and bikini line.

Among the high-quality cosmetic products Estée Lauder, Idealist Skin Refinisher   - The one immediately understands the shelves for the past five years since its debut. A few drops of serum are applied after cleansing and before moisturizing the skin morning and evening. It balances your skin, whatever type it may be: oily skin becomes less shiny, dry and gets the necessary nutrition. Ultimately, uneven skin tone is smoothed - you justify money spent, as the skin becomes instantly soft and smooth.

Popular for its MAC lipstick shades most attractive, but MAC Spice - Lip liner natural color -dostigaet unrivaled status. This bestseller of MAC, and you'll find it in your purse most supermodels. Since then, as a "natural makeup" became popular in the late nineties, Spice has become a secret weapon for those whose lips look almost naked, but extremely charming. Like all popular products, it has a sufficient number of imitators. The Body Shop's "Beech"   liner completely corresponds to it.

All who are over 30 need a cream for eyes, you can rely on, and thousands of women rely on Sisley Eye and Lip Contour Cream That keeps the lines and dark circles under control. This is not the cheapest line, but the company is known for high quality, herbal ingredients.

Nars Multiple   - The favorite of most makeup artists. It is an impressive, rich set of cosmetics, which resembles a pencil case for children, and, as the name suggests, can be used for eyes, lips and cheeks. Copacobana - release shimmering champagne color - admittedly the most popular shade in this series.

Line flattering range of American make-up artist Bobbi Brown   - One of the most successful collection, but its powder Shimmer Brick Compact   - The most popular product.

Five strips pearl powder in one set may be used either individually or mixed - the eyes, the cheeks or the entire face. This feature-rich and useful box, especially in the summer, as well bright stripes tinted skin and help in emergency situations. There are five variations of shades to choose from: bronze, pink, beige, dark pink and (will be released in the near future) apricot.

Finding the right foundation can take several years, and quite by accident on the shelf may be the one that is right for you. It is not surprising if they would Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation , Which was released over 20 years ago, and will never be a popular foundation.

You can mix it with the basis to achieve the desired color: matte or shining, heavy or light. It is quite suitable for black women, which always have a lot of difficulties in finding its foundation. Prescriptives also produces powder, lipstick and lip gloss that will make you feel just amazing.
Author: Ann, New York