Crystal Beauty
 In the service of beauty are no weekends and holidays. And even in the summer, we have to regularly take care to preserve the youth of our skin. Moreover - it is now it is becoming ever more important. Polluted dusty streets, dead air conditioned office, the scorching summer sun - all this only aggravates the skin occurring in the age-related changes.

How to be? To go on all summer to the village. Or in the mountains. As a last resort, by the sea. If this is not possible - do not despair. There are several ways to get some fresh oxygen, without leaving his native city.

  So called   "Air Injection"   carried out today in the SPA-salons. A relatively new procedure has become increasingly popular. Oxygen therapy is carried out as follows: under the skin of the patient is administered ionized oxygen. Make it special thinnest needles into certain physiologically active points on the face and body. As a result of these injections in the skin cells are activated oxidation processes. With the help of oxygen vaccination can significantly rejuvenate and even lose weight. The skin of the face and body will be toned and fresh, disappear striae on the thighs and abdomen, will pale spider veins, cellulite go away.   By the way, for the majority of patients the most important thing is just the effect of the last ionotherapy. Oxygen molecules efficiently digested fat tissue, improve blood circulation and thereby eliminate cellulite. The only disadvantage of the procedure - a slight pain, but it is usually negated by using special cooling gel. Ionotherapy, like most of SPA-procedures, conduct courses. A full course of treatments sotavlyaet 10 - 12 sessions with periodichnostyudva times a week, but the effect is visible almost immediately. The procedure is quite expensive, but the result is worth it, besides it is stored for a year. Then you can spend only supportive therapy, and the effect of the previous return.

  Sip curative sea air can be talassotsentre . This procedure is complicated name kavitoterapiya . The patient is conveniently situated in the chair, but a real sea air he served from huge tanks with sea water, which are affected by a ionisation lamps.

Duration kavitoterapii - about half an hour. During this time the patient is much uluchshaetsyasostoyanie upper respiratory tract, nervous system, the body is saturated with iodine helpful, the skin becomes smooth and moisturized.

  You can make a direct oxygen therapy at home. However, cellulite so you are unlikely to get rid of, but health has improved, not only himself, but also to all members of the household. It's enough to buy air ionizer   and periodically include it. Modern ionizer, unlike its prototype - the famous chandelier Chizhevskogo - not merely generates negatively charged oxygen ions, but also cleans the air from various of muddy, neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation from the computer, television and other household appliances, and kills many types of bacteria. The air in the apartment becomes unnatural to clean and fresh, it hochestsya breathe deeply and freely. Therefore, it is possible that some time after you purchase the ionizer significantly posvezheete and pohorosheet.

  Choosing ionizer, pay attention to the type: it can be unipolar (only produces negative ions) and bipolar (generates both negatively and positively charged ions). Bipolar ionizers can be used safely for several hours a day - they purify the air in a natural way, to preserve the natural proportions of the particles.
Author: Julia Stepin