Express care for your beauty
 A beautiful complexion, perfect hair styling, professional manicure - every woman dreams about this. But the life of a modern woman is so fast-paced and full of concerns that it does not have time for a full-care. Manufacturers of cosmetic products as much as possible try to help a woman to be beautiful even in conditions of constant shortage of time. Therefore it is necessary to adopt this effective and fast-acting cosmetics.

The facial skin

The classical scheme of skin care includes the use of milk, tonic and moisturizer. All beauty ritual takes at least 10 minutes in the morning and the same - in the evening. To achieve the same result in a minimum amount of time, you should use a professional tool for make-up removal and skin care products - oil-based lotion. This product is a cosmetic tool 2-in-1, which serves as a make-up remover, and facial care. Its constituent certified organic refined oil is removed from the skin of pollution and return it with the necessary moisture. The tool not only refreshes the skin, but also tones it gives extra energy.

Tools for make-up remover oil-based should be gently rubbed into the skin, then moisten your hands with warm water and massage the face for 30 seconds. After that means washed with water and get wet face cloth to remove excess oil. For this type of cosmetics are L'Huile démaquillante Skin Purifier by Shu Uemura, Huile Clean Energy from Origins, Baume Eclat by Lancôme.


Beautiful hair - is the result of constant care. But is we are able to perform comprehensive care, which includes the use of shampoo, conditioner, and from time to time, hair masks. For colored hair requires further use of the funds, taking care to preserve the color and shine. Such luxury is permissible only during the weekend and on weekdays you can resort to some tricks and novelty use cosmetics. Means for washing hair 2-in-1 simultaneously cleans them and cares. After rinsing, you can use innovative means of hair care products that contain particles of pearl and light-reflecting pigments. The minimum time they restore the hair and gives it a healthy glow. The entire procedure will take you no more than 8 minutes. Of the new products we can recommend nourishing shampoo for hair shine by Dessange, mask momentary Force & Lumière Fructis from Garnier and Sérum brillance captivante by Sunsilk.

Hair Styling

Classic styling hair strand by strand, using a special comb to give a volume of bulk hair and large round brush for a beautiful shape of their ends, makes the hair really chic, but it is good only in the presence of a hairdresser and a lot of time. At home, make a royal head of hair in a short time, you can use modern technology for laying, which dry and style your hair at the same time. Hair stylers, hair straightener to create any desired amount, or make your hair smooth and shiny. Before using straighteners or hair dryer-brush on wet hair cause anti-static agent that is not necessary to wash off, and which facilitates the process of combing. Also, no harm will be the means for applying heat to protect hair, which prevents them drying out. One of the novelties in the market of hair straighteners - Pro 230 ionic titanium from Babyliss.

A perfect complexion

The ritual of applying a whole range of tools, including a foundation, concealer, anti-blue under the eyes and the liquid powder gives, of course, a perfect complexion, but it takes a long time .  New liquid or powder foundation, formed in the shape of a brush, can achieve the same result in a minimum amount of time and plotted as comfortable .  Their melting texture and special reflective microparticles provide lasting makeup mask minor imperfections and give the complexion, as close to the natural .  Apply liquid powder should be the well moistened skin .  First, it must be applied with a brush or sponge on the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and neck, and then carefully spread over the entire surface in the direction of the center of the face to the outside of the .  If the blue and skin imperfections are still visible, you can use a few drops of the corrector and powder lightly on top .  With a broad brush, apply the selected color powder on the whole face .  Well established Fond de teint pinceau from Bourjois, Embellisseur de teint effet bonne mine abricot by Bourjois .

Seductive lips in 2 minutes

For a perfect lip shape they have traditionally applied the balm, pencil perform circuit, the first layer of lipstick blot with a napkin, and powdered with, and then perform a second layer of lipstick and gloss top cover .  This makeup does charmingly plump lips and sexy, and the result is stored for a long time .  Express-method of applying a lip gloss only with the fingers can be considered as an alternative, but need to make this update very often .  It is better to choose a middle ground .  To lips look attractive, start with balm-care or nutritional colorless lipstick, and then gently pat the lips with a napkin .  Draw the outline with a pencil, and they Shade the entire surface of the lips, apply gloss on top of the same tone .  This procedure will make the lips irresistible, it takes little time and allow makeup stay much longer .  As cosmetic products you can use Plush gloss by M . A . C, Long last Glosswear SPF 15 by Clinique, glitter Pink Raspberry by Bobbi Brown and pencil Aqua lip Make up for Ever .

Use these tricks in your daily life - and they will not only save you a lot of time, but also pay homage to your beauty.
Author: Natalia Biatova