Lose Weight nothing better to do
 "The best sport for me - it's a dream" - liked to repeat one of my friends. However, these words are not linked to its image: always tightened, with a flat stomach and a round ass. "How do you do it? "- I asked in amazement. "It has a pleasant way ..." - she replied cryptically.

In fact, the way my friend was not alone - she was a regular at beauty salons and went there as a job. But fitness centers beauty is not fascinated - the only thing she could do it - to drink some miraculous herbal cocktail in the bar. Sport she worked in another place ...

  The office electromyostimulation she regularly took a course of so-called "gymnastics for the lazy". This procedure causes the muscles to work, and their owner - to rest and relax. That is why many fans myostimulation .  The essence of this process is the action of electric current to the muscle fibers .  The pulses are targeting a small force on the nerve endings, and as a result of the impact of the muscle begins to actively work - reduced .  Typically, a session mioterapii lasts up to 40 minutes .  This procedure is equivalent to a two-hour one ternirovke hard in the gym! Is not it a miracle? Another plus myostimulation - muscle after it did not hurt, but significantly strengthened .  Already after the first treatment you will notice a significant improvement - the outline of the body will be slimmer .  This is due to the strong outflow of fluid from the subcutaneous tissue .  However, this effect is usually kept short .  Like all salon treatments, myostimulation conduct courses, consisting of 15 - 20 procedures, with a frequency of 2 - 3 times a week .  A more stable result was achieved at the end of a prescribed rate .  With myostimulation can tighten the skin, make the body more resilient, reduce the volume, get rid of cellulite.

  With myostimulation you remove the fat in those places where it really interferes with and accumulated surpluses. If you have a problem in any one area, then myostimulation cope with this task. Strengthen the stomach and waist, women (especially important after childbirth when it is stretched abdominal wall), undermined by the shoulders of the men - the current will only affect certain points. With this procedure, you can even pull up and strengthen the shape of the face.

  Myostimulation can be compared with physical therapy, familiar to us all from childhood . Doctor fixes on your body raznozaryazhennye electrodes have carefully laid on the couch, wrapped a blanket, and then you and the doctor adjust the load on each area of ​​the body. The main thing with this - no heroics, and make yourself comfortable. The procedure is quite long, and experience is not quite pleasant at all to anything. Even if the current action to weaken the muscles will still be loaded and worked sufficiently.

The only disadvantage of the procedure - the lack of a good cardio.   Lying on the couch, it is impossible to satisfy all of the cells of the organism with oxygen, to study light, to train the heart .  Sporty girls will understand me: the buzz of a good workout is not comparable with anything .  So - if you care not only the facade, but also about the internal state of the organism - or at least easy exercises you need .  In addition, the procedure has a number of contraindications .  You can not make myostimulation: people with cancer, diseases of the heart, with metallichesskimi pin joints, with thrombosis of the veins of the lower extremities, with neuropsychiatric diseases, systemic blood diseases, renal and hepatic failure with active tuberculosis, with skin diseases in the stage exacerbation, or if uvas imetsja hypersensitivity to impulse current .  It should temporarily refrain from treatment: during pregnancy, lactation, during menstruation; people with chronic gastrointestinal and gynecological diseases in the period of exacerbation; at elevated pressure .  You also should alert any discomfort, any deterioration of health .  On myostimulation should be sent only in good health and with a cheerful spirit . 
  On the day of the procedure you need to follow a special diet - it is very similar to a sports diet - about the same need to eat on the day of a serious workout.   After the last meal before the procedure must be at least 2 hours. During myostimulation your body should not be distracted by the digestion of food, and so his work is more than enough. After the procedure is best for a half - two hours (at this point how much patience and endurance) is better again, nothing is. Fat burning at this time continues. If you have a problem do not lose weight, and vice versa - to increase muscle mass and due to her weight gain - an hour later eat something high-protein, but light - eggs, cheese, yogurt. In general, the day proedury try not to overload your body heavy and slozhnoperevarivaemoy food, try more than usual, the time given to sleep and rest, relaxation. Take a warm bath with a decoction of herbs, drink tea with lemon. In general, rejuvenate. Even if you do not feel tired - you need it.

  If you have seriously decided to experience the miracle process, keep in mind that without labor still nothing happens. AND no matter what amazing results you may have due to the "gymnastics for the lazy", you must remember that the achievements must be maintained.   And here is all depends on you and your will. After all, without a sensible diet and regular exercise elastic belly quickly will acquire all of the same Zhirkov. In general, myostimulation hope, and do not make a mistake.

  Speaking of myostimulation, not to mention the well-publicized domestic elektroprisposobleniyah for pumping muscles. I want to disappoint you: they are only good for those who are its shape more or less satisfied. This is an optional accessory for some care. But actually using it to lose 10 pounds and at the same time increase the treasured dice unlikely to succeed. So - anyway - and for their own beauty will still have to fight alone.
Author: Julia Stepin