New technologies: nanokosmetika
 Look at 60 20? Without expensive plastic surgery? Possible! With nanokosmetika!

The natural human desire to preserve youth and beauty dominates the minds of well-known scientists. And it is likely that the elixir of eternal youth found - nanotechnology. Prior to joining the cosmetics nanotechnology (nano - a microparticle of 10 (-9) billion), widely to develop and use in other sectors: cybernetics, medicine, biology, aerospace. So what is fashionable nanotechnology?

Most ordinary caring cosmetic creams do not reach deep layers of the skin, while remaining on the surface. Such products may only protect the skin well. Nanokosmetika acts on the atomic level, delivering moisturizing agents and antioxidants in nanosomes - microscopic globules, filled with different active ingredients. Penetrating deep into the epidermis, the shell of the bead dissolves - and the skin nourished from the inside.

However, scientists have shown little sediment carriers active and nutrients and nanocomplexes developed combining bioactive substance, crushed to the size of nanoparticles, in a single system, have a synergistic effect.

Talking about the use of nanotechnology in cosmetics, it should be noted cosmetic products NewAge, manufactured by the American company «WGN Corporation». Cosmetics NewAge contains unique patented nanocomplexes. As a result of years of research scientists WGN Corporation have developed a methodology for the creation of a pre-nanokopleksov presetted properties containing crushed to the size of the nano-active substances, vital skin. Experts of the company claim that their makeup has a pre-programmed features that allow each person to quickly solve very specific cosmetic problem.

Cosmetics NewAge moisturizes deep layers of the skin and effectively keeps the moisture inside, fills the shortage of oxygen in the skin, contributing to the rapid cell regeneration, and has a unique wound-healing properties.

Thermal cosmetics Dekarolayn is based on mineral water geyser springs of the famous resort of Karlovy Vary with a patented nanotechnology Nizatsell. Cosmetic technology with Nizatsell is a structural analog of a living cell, that provides maximum efficiency and comfort in use. Karlovy Vary thermal spring water, which is part of cosmetics Dekarolayn allows multiple enhance the action of biologically active components. The composition of thermal cosmetics introduced an exclusive component patented - Oxygen Aqua Mineral Complex, which has a rejuvenating effect on the skin and provides a stable cosmetic result.

Japanese nanokosmetika Noadada series includes about a dozen active and well-balanced ingredients that positively affect the skin cells. Cosmetic series Noadada presents a series of basic cosmetics, ideal from the point of view of physiology, and designed to protect and strengthen skin cells, restoring its lost freshness and having an extraordinary effect of rejuvenation. This series contains a large number of Kyoto Solution, patented formula of the drug, which was developed after long research to protect and maintain the tone cells.

L'Oreal, the world leader in cosmetics, has invested millions in research of nanotechnology (Revitalift Double Lifting). The company believes that the future belongs to nanokosmetika - someday it will help us to slow down the aging of the skin, to prevent the appearance of gray hair and even baldness. Do not lag behind world progress, and companies such as Vichy (Vichy Reti C), Biotherm (Age Fitness Nuit), Estee Lauder and Johnson & Johnson also began to produce products using nanotechnology.

Skin beauty and youth deserve serious approach. With the help of nanotechnology can really look 15-20 years younger.
Author: Inna Sedykh