Overview for sensitive oily skin
 What to do if the skin is oily and sensitive person? Problems such skin is no less than dry. In a sense, relieve dry skin from excessive sensitivity even easier than fat, because the creams for this purpose combine also feature deep moisturizing. How, then, to avoid excessive sensitivity for oily skin?

In each series, pharmaceutical cosmetics always have a few tools that can help oily skin sensitive. The main direction of such cosmetics - is the removal of inflammation while reducing sebum and epidermal bactericidal effect.

It is this nexus can offer the following cosmetic products. All of them represent the structure of light emulsion that allow to provide adequate care for oily skin inflamed.

By Klinans by Aven

The main effect of this product due to the high content of the thermal water Aven (50%), which has strong anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.  Overview for sensitive oily skin
 The emulsion contains low concentrations of AHA and BHA (alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids), which have a pronounced peeling effect that promotes rapid regeneration of cells and cleanse the skin from inflammatory cells. Special capsule absorb excess sebum. Zinc gluconate and pumpkin extract regulate sebaceous glands. Alpha-bisabolol (derived from chamomile extract) has anti-inflammatory effect.

The tool is universal for the morning and evening care. It is recommended to apply to clean the dried skin. When applied to avoid the area under the eyes and lips, as the skin is very thin, devoid of subcutaneous fat.

Effaklar K from La Roche-Posay

It has long been known and popular tool for universal care for oily sensitive skin.  Overview for sensitive oily skin
 The effectiveness of this emulsion is primarily based on the presence of thermal water La Roche-Posay, which has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Tool smooths the skin due to the presence of components keratolytics-alpha-hydroxy acids, which promote cell renewal of the outer layer of skin - the epidermis. Components containing zinc, matting skin.

Universal care product in the morning and evening. With the constant use of the skin changes color looks fresh and smooth.

Eksfoliak from Merck

It provides soothing moisturizing treatment for oily sensitive skin. This product is created on the basis of medical developments, struggling not only with excessive sebum production, but also regenerates and improves skin tone, eliminates signs of dehydration.  Overview for sensitive oily skin
 This effect is due to the presence of a cream essential (core) fatty acids, ceramides, which are related in structure to fats skin. This similarity makes it possible to restore the lipid barrier on the surface of the skin and normal moisture. Vitamin E - a natural antioxidant that protects from external negative influences.

Universal remedy for morning and evening care. It is recommended to apply to clean, dry skin for at least a month.

Apezak from Biorga

This tool is indispensable for carrying out the aggressive treatment of dermatological hormones. Apezak restores the structure of the skin, removes traces of dehydration, soothes and softens the skin. Light texture leaves no greasy residue and regulates sebum production.  Overview for sensitive oily skin
 This tool improves the portability of local dermatological preparations. Perfect for use in winter, as it provides protection from climatic aggressions. The product contains linoleic acid, which is akin to the skin and can recover its structure. Aloe vera additionally soothes and refreshes oily skin.

Emulsion for universal care morning / evening, it can be applied to the skin in between the application of dermatological preparations. Naturally, the skin should be well cleaned and dry.

Iseak from Biorga

Enough new tool on the market cosmetics for oily sensitive skin. The first effect is observed after a few applications - normalization of sebum production, improve the complexion, smoothing the face.  Overview for sensitive oily skin
 Matting effect lasts up to 12 hours. Special Agent phytosphingosine has a moisturizing and regenerating effect. Extract fireweed enclosed in sebosomy - special tiny capsules, helps normalize sebum production. Complex micronutrients and antioxidants based on thermal water Uriage protects the skin from aging and negative impacts.

An important feature of all these cosmetic products is also the elimination of dehydrated skin, which is often observed even against unnecessary work sebaceous glands.

To fix the matting effect, strengthen the skin protection against external influences recommended for use in conjunction with creams and emulsions and even thermal water suitable type   - Aven, La Roche-Posay, Uriage. Thermal water is a good idea to spray on the dried skin after washing, immediately before applying cream or emulsion, and some of them may be safely applied to make to secure it, and to use during the day to prevent dehydration and excessive dryness.

This scheme uses (thermal water + the correct product of a series of medical cosmetics) for reviews of visitors pharmacies it gives a very good result. Note that in this case we are talking about maintenance therapy. During periods of exacerbation of acne should consult a doctor and to follow his advice.
Author: Olga Zorina