Piercing and tattooing. Part 2
 The story of how to decorate your body and whether it is worth it to do.

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Make sure that your salon complied with all sanitary conditions. If this salon specializing in body piercing, all masters must have a license or medical education. Of course, these procedures are not cheap, but do not skimp on your health.

First, put on your glasses. It is currently used professional laser equipment that requires eye protection. This is the only disadvantage of this equipment, because its use allows to improve the process of tattooing.


As previously mentioned, a tattoo is accompanied by a painful effect. In addition, you can feel the unpleasant smell. But this is offset by the result - excellent tattoo.


It is for this and you suffer discomfort and pain and some discomfort at first. The main thing - not to regret about perfect, so it is good to think about such a step as a tattoo. And one more thing - carefully select drawing, he will accompany you always.