Piercing and tattooing. Part 1
 Currently, piercing and tattooing - a very fashionable trend. The younger generation tends to transform the body with the help of works of art, but sometimes some regret these actions. We decided to explore more such experiments and tell you about them.


When tattooing using colored pigment ink, which is making its way deep into the skin .  For some people, it's too painful procedure, which sometimes causes a painful shock .  Remember that if you are under 18 years, a tattoo on your body is illegal (it is strictly controlled especially in the West) .  The tattoo must be placed in the cabin specialist in hygienic conditions .  In order not to bring an infection such as tetanus or even HIV, make sure that the needle is used for the first time and took out a sealed package, and the inks are in sealed packaging .  Before applying the tattoo, carefully select the room and talk to the foreman, who will work with you .  Make sure that you are satisfied, only then quietly go to the salon .  Remember that any anesthetic, which is now used in a tattoo, do not take away your pain, but it only muffles .  Once you become the owner of a colorful masterpiece on your body, follow the recommendations for the care that has given you the master . 

An alternative to tattoos are temporary tattoos made with henna. Before deciding on a major move, first try a lighter version. On the one hand, you're sure to choose, on the other hand, will be able to admire the beautiful picture on the body without pain.

Tattoo Removal

Alexander, 25, explains why he decided to get rid of tattoos: "When I was 18, I wanted new experiences. So there was a frog on the forearm, a bird and a snake on his shoulder. I wanted to stand out from the crowd. But then, when looking for work, I realized that I need to look the part. And I decided to tattoo removal. And, of course, not without scars. "

Consider this story and take the decision that you see fit. Remember that getting rid of tattoos entail not only painful, but also memorable scars.