Radical methods of rejuvenation. Part 2
 Tehnoliga the XXI century give women hope for the preservation of blossoming youth throughout life.

Sooner or later the time comes when we realize that the use of anti-aging creams and visits to a beautician in the fight against wrinkles around the eyes becomes insufficient, and begin to search for more effective measures. As a general rule, to 35 years is enough proper skin care. After 35 such that the effectiveness of home care and salon getting smaller. While drastic measures may be necessary before, the average demand for them there for 40 years. A lot depends on the anatomical structure of the face and a genetic predisposition to the formation of excess skin.

Radical methods of skin rejuvenation around the eyes not so much. It peels, injections and plastic surgery. Each method has a clear testimony. With the help of plastic surgery get rid of excess skin and hernia sac, peels are designed to align the surface of the skin and reduce wrinkles. In this article, we will focus on non-surgical intervention.

Injections: "Botox", "Diasport", "Restilain", "Perlain"

Some wrinkles occur in typical places as a result of contractions of facial muscles (facial wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyebrows, the nose, radial wrinkles in the outer corners of the eyes).

To eliminate them used drugs "Botox", "Dysport", etc. They are natural substances and are used in medical practice nearly 30 years. The main aesthetic indication is selective weakening of individual muscles, constant excess voltage which is the cause of persistent facial wrinkles.

The active substance, a part of these drugs selectively block the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle fibers, thereby preventing muscle contraction. The drug is administered by injection, into the thickness of the muscle, the effect of which must be loosened. The injections are carried out on an outpatient basis. The procedure takes a few minutes. The biological effect of the entered product begins immediately, however, the apparent relaxation of muscles and loss of wrinkles evident after 1-3 days after administration. The effect lasts from 4 to 9 months. To maintain outcome injections may be repeated. The concentration of active compound administered is extremely small, moreover, the effect of injection fades and eventually disappears. However, this procedure requires the skilled use. Habituation to the drug does not occur, thus increasing dosages are required.

In order to eliminate individual wrinkles, various drugs such as "Restylane" "Dermalayv" "Artecoll" collagen preparations ("Zyderm" "Zyplast" "Rezoplast"), liquid silicone, and others. All these substances can be divided into preparations of natural origin (collagen and hyaluronic acid), synthetic material (silicone, hydrogel and other products) and the combined drugs. There are more than 50 types of fillers - substances injected intradermally with the purpose of straightening wrinkles.

Silicone fluid It used in cosmetic surgery for a long time. When administered in amounts of more than 1 ml may cause a chronic inflammatory reaction, so-called siliconomas. If the minimum number of intradermal injection for the correction of wrinkles can be obtained a good stable effect.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid - Natural components of the dermis .  Formulations of collagen and hyaluronic acid production method characterized by .  Preparations obtained by extraction from the skin of calves ("Zyderm," "Zyplast," "Rezoplast"), cocks' combs ("Gilyaform") can cause individual intolerance, their use is contraindicated in the propensity to allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases .  "Restylane" - is artificially synthesized analog of hyaluronic acid - the substances present in the skin and giving it the required density and elasticity .  "Restylane" resolves with time, so in order to maintain the effect of the injection should be repeated every 8-10 months .  Hyaluronic acid molecules have a natural ability to accumulate and retain water around it, it is this property gives young skin smoothness and elasticity .  To correct minor epidermal wrinkles used less dense "Restylane for fine wrinkles" input surface .  For correction of deeper wrinkles, folds and lip augmentation can be used more dense "Pirlayn" .  "Zyderm" and "Rezoplast" - is 3, 5, and 6%, 5% of highly purified preparations of collagen extract .  "Zyplast" - is specially treated collagen is used to correct the deeper flaws .  These preparations require a preliminary test on individual tolerance and are contraindicated in cases of allergic reactions, including, for beef, chicken or eggs .  The duration of effect - 1-2 years .  Since both collagen and hyaluronic acid is completely resorbed over time, they created combined preparations containing inert artificially synthesized chemical substances . 

"Artecoll" - A combined drug containing the extracted collagen and very small (diameter up to 40 microns) particles of polymethyl methacrylate. "Artecoll" requires tolerance test before use. Over time, the effect is reduced but does not disappear completely.

"Dermalayv" - Combined formulation containing hyaluronic acid and up to 40% of the particles of the acrylic hydrogel. The duration of the effect after injection of 2-3 years. Because hyaluronic acid is gradually absorbed, it may be necessary once or twice repeated maintenance for the first year. Not required testing for allergenicity.

Contraindications for intradermal injections

Injections of collagen preparations can not be done for people suffering from autoimmune diseases and allergic reactions. These diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, psoriatic arthritis, lupus, asthma. When using drugs certainly collagen, a test on individual sensitivity. Acute skin diseases are contraindications for injection of any drug. The drugs are not used during pregnancy. Precautions need to use these drugs in nursing mothers. Also, they do not apply in combination with certain medications (antibiotics, aminoglycosides, aminopyridine, tetraethylammonium).


There are infectious and allergic complications. In the first days after the introduction of a local reaction may occur at the injection that can pass itself. Individual hypersensitivity is rare (for "Restylane" frequency is 1: 2000 and preparations for the collagen - 1-2%). Too superficial or excessive injection of the drug may be contoured.

Look young - this is not a whim or caprice of women, it is not a fashion trend - a requirement of time. Achievements cosmetic industry, nutrition and radical ways to help you rejuvenate Otavalo eternally young!
Author: Inna Sedykh