Smooth body - no problem
 Since time immemorial, women have sought to smooth, devoid of vegetation, dark body. To do this, they devised a variety of ways, not always effective and sometimes unbearably painful. Our contemporaries in this respect have an advantage over foremothers - they provide a great variety of tools and techniques. What gives us the modern cosmetology and medicine to address this issue?

Of course, the easiest way to get rid of excess vegetation - it shaving . At the same time destroyed only the outer part of the hair, and his hair bulb (follicle) remains intact, giving life to a new balance. Already in just a day, they are a "disturbance" to fight their way into the light, and the machine comes back in action. In addition, as a rule, after three or four treatments the hair becomes stiffer and the place of removal often appears irritated, especially in sensitive areas of underarm and bikini.

Mousses, creams and foams Containing special agent soften and destroy the base of the hair, the so-called depilatories - one more weapon in the fight against excessive hair growth. The rest of the hair after exposure to the mass movements of several special spatula is removed from the skin. But while the bulb remains intact, and everything is repeated again. However, somewhat slower than after shaving. This method of approach is particularly sensitive skin, depilatory creams, since there are softer than the razor. But here "on the agenda" of some leaves an allergic skin reaction to the components of the tools. Why bother to advance, at least 2 hours before the procedure, do a skin test. Apply cream, mousse or foam in the crook of the elbow and watch the reaction of the skin.

But you are on the field, which is not subject to any shaving or depilatory creams exposed: it is the upper lip, chin, neck. If unwanted vegetation has not yet adopted the "threatened" species and sizes, and are thin and sparse down, you can use bleach creams. After this procedure, "uninvited guests" are simply invisible on untanned body. But there are two "but": means coincides with a "modest guests" and can cause allergies.

Anyone who has ever resorted to the help depilatory wax Knows how painful and unpleasant, especially in the bikini area and underarms. And again - the effect is temporary: the root of the breaks at such executions together with hair follicles but still not lose their "reproductive" capacity. However, hairs grow back in 2-3 weeks thinner and weaker. Pain relieve some special gels that are applied before the procedure, but there is another problem: the hair can grow into skin.

The bottom line electrolysis   the same as that of the wax: special device pulls the hair from the root without damaging the bulb. However, this "elektropintsetu" subject to shorter hairs. They grow not immediately made thinner and less. Special treatment and special cooling nozzles painful smooth effect, but it is still present. And with him - skin irritation, ingrown hairs.

Operating principle photoepilators based on the effects of the focused beam of light of a wide wavelength range from the ordinary to the base of the hair bulb. Slow down its growth is solely due to overheating. By this method efficiency is comparable with electroepilation and removing the wax, but it is less painful. IPL, unlike laser affects not only the hair follicle, but also to all surrounding skin cells, so often gives adverse complications (pigmentation disorders or burns).

Among the radical modern methods include AC electric epilation When using a thin needle current is applied to the bulb, and it dies under the effect of electric shocks, and electrolysis, when the same is under the influence of a constant current. In the first case, the procedure is quite painful, if misused electric shocks may occur burns, scars and dark spots. In the second case, the procedure takes much longer, but it is more effective, and most importantly - less painful. In order to definitively "deal" with the hated hair will have to repeat the procedure more than once. The method is almost always leaves a small scar on the skin and does not guarantee a stable result, but still is the only effective tool for removing gray hair.

The most "advanced" to date remains the method laser hair removal   - The most reliable and painless of all existing .  Alexandrite laser is used in cosmetics, it allows you to "treat" for the 1st pulse of the area of ​​the skin in 18 mm square .  He has a remarkable property - selectively and rapidly heated cells containing pigment (melanin) .  In this bonding follicle occurs within milliseconds and then it is gradually resorbed by the body .  Despite the rapid rise in temperature in the follicle, the pain practically not felt as simultaneous cooling of the skin .  The one gem "guarantees" the right wavelength - 755 nm .  Its main advantage (over other laser hair removal method or a) - in the system of dynamic cooling .  This means that before the laser pulse occurs by injecting local anesthesia place epilation .  Not there any burns or even hyperpigmentation .  Remain unharmed nearby blood vessels, collagen fibers, subcutaneous fat .  In other lasers, where the air-cooled or gel is applied to the laser exposure, there is much more severe discomfort and pain during the procedure .

So, there are many modern methods of getting rid of excess hair growth. Some of them are more painful, but cheap, others are expensive, but more efficient. However, the most important thing to consider in choosing the method - is how are the negative effects of its application. Weigh all the "pros" and "cons", and choose what is most suitable for you.
Author: Natalia Biatova