Sunbathing or not? That is the question!
 Stylist Lesley Thomas about how to look tan without the health risks.

New statistics show that the risk of cancer from tanning in recent years has increased by 3 times. We asked one of fashion stylists, tanning booths why so popular that people stop paying attention to your health.

Even if many women think of the danger, they still opt for dark golden skin tone, even when it is peeling, redness and other adverse consequences.   Thomas advises to use cosmetics that makes skin tan, these funds will not harm the skin. Next, we take a closer look at their views.

For many of us, summer means the beach and a lot of sun. However, Caroline Barnes - Stylist Kylie Minogue explains that it is necessary to protect your skin by using protective cosmetics. To color went smoothly and slowly, use "light tan to the skin had a golden hue."

To get started is to decide on the type of bronzer and tone. It is recommended to use the same means, because you become known for its effect to what you can get used to vary the tone. It is worth noting that the stocky women need to carefully choose a bronzer, otherwise you can become the owner of the orange streaks are not only the body but also the face.

Now there are different types of cosmetic products, but it is becoming more and more unnatural. The easiest to use - bronzing gels and liquids, sometimes they can have a moisturizing effect.   It is excellent for those who are going on a trip and do not want to take a lot of cosmetics.

Bronzing powders have a less saturated colors, so you should choose a bronzer two shades darker skin. Distribute them a bit more complicated, so pay attention that you will look more natural if applied will become a tool of the hairline to the chin, and not otherwise.

Beginners should use a sponge or a brush, that are commonly used with powder, because those brushes that are sold with bronzer complex for initial use.

Those who belong to the bronzer with distrust, we recommend to apply blush on the cheekbones, so you will not be too pale, and not spend a lot of time.