The revolutionary technology of rejuvenation
 Beauty without scalpel

  It is a mistake to think that the only way to get rid of "fatigue" of the skin, sagging, wrinkles, puffiness and double chin surgery. Now scalpel - not the only way to dramatically improve your appearance.

The new technique - a godsend for patients. Thanks to her, you can eliminate sagging skin, carry out a facelift and breast. The technique is based on the technique of massage, face lift used by professional cosmetologists all over the world for many decades. Proposed in 1907 by a dermatologist Dr. Jacquet (Jacquet), this technique involves a slight compression, twisting and rubbing. Currently, advanced machinery Jacquet using a technologically advanced device is the beauty again. New massage called the developers' kosmehanika. "

Kosmehanika - Is an intensive three-dimensional stimulation, which affects the lifting of the face, neck and chest treatment head in three directions, "is considering" all areas of the skin, centimeter by centimeter. Emphasis is placed on the eye contour, neck, cheeks and chin. There is stimulation of the connective tissue, the mobilization of its different layers, an increase in local blood circulation, relaxing muscle spasms and active circulation of liquid that promotes effective facelift, breast, neck and décolleté. The most important difference of this technology from the rest of rejuvenation (cosmetic, hardware and surgical) - is that it triggers regeneration: the skin changes, not only externally but also internally: it is reconstructed in its structure itself starts to work in the "young" mode.

  The unique device provides an effective tightening of the face, neck, chest and neck comparable to the results of plastic surgery. New machinery is focused on the result, it enables customers to instantly see and feel the lifting of its positive effect.   After the first half-hour session, there is a "memory effect": as if the skin "remembers" and begins to reproduce the processes that were running the procedure, and after 16 sessions the skin itself will start to work in the "young" mode for at least six months. Then it will be enough to do only one supporting the lifting procedure in a month.

  The high efficiency of the proposed techniques, implemented using not only these devices has led now to the rapid development of hardware cosmetology. Most of them are related to physiotherapy, which we will talk further. These procedures will help us not only to carry out a comprehensive skin care, but also to return to her former youth and beauty.
Author: Irina