What is Spa? Part 1
 Today all nasluhu words like SPA - Resort, SPA - center, SPA - Hotel, SPA - cosmetics. Talk about it, write about it, it is advertised, but I'm sure that many more until the end and did not understand what this newfangled word SPA. I can say that in general, a complex of relaxing, therapeutic treatments aimed at improving the physical and mental state of the person. But that refers to these three letters - SPA, - a mystery.

Some believe that this is just the name of the tiny Belgian village located in the foothills of the beautiful Ardennes. This place in the Middle Ages became famous for its healing waters. The first evaluated their French and Belgian soldiers who occasionally at odds with each other, and in leisure time restoring force under the hot jets of hot spring. No sooner had the soldiers to spend several hours in a mineral source, and they were again ready to go into battle with renewed vigor. And, of course, over time the small Belgian town of Spa has become a resort. Hence it appeared as a complex SPA treatments "water-based". By the way, the resort has been known for over two thousand years, and its hot springs and hot tubs became prototypes.

There is another version, it is more ancient. Once, when the Emperor Nero was walking through the park and once again, zasmotrevshis the fountain, said: «SANITAS PAR AQUAS», which translates as "water-source of health." The abbreviation of the phrase (SPA) later gave its name to the whole wellness trend.

Who SPA, in the first place - is an upscale resort hotels, which combine tourism and hotel and resort. In these hotels have to be a complete set of pools with hydro massage treatments, saunas and gyms. That is at the heart of SPA - water and water only, because any contact with water brings calm and peace, water is able to pull out all the negative person, including thoughts.

The main advantage SPA - no impact on what - or one body, and the body as a whole. It is necessary to remember and that you need to know. Healing the body leads to the "healing of the soul": getting rid of stress, fatigue, insomnia and depression. Philosophy SPA can be characterized by the famous proverb: "A healthy body - healthy mind".

Procedures SPA - is often WHIRLPOOL.   The heat, weightlessness and massage, working together, restore vitality and contribute to a healthier body. A dip in hot water increases body temperature and improves circulation. Weight loss in water up to 90% significantly reduces strain on joints and muscles. This in turn is a nice effect of weightlessness. Action whirlpool (directed jets of water and air) is clamped to relax muscles and synthesis of endorphins - natural pain killers, creates a feeling of pleasant tranquility and bliss. A few minutes a SPA treatment carries a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Conversely, evening hydro ensures a deep and restful sleep.

To be continued…
Author: Margarita Glushchenko