What is Spa? Part 3
 An ideal place for recreation and relaxation can be regarded as Germany. This country has long been considered the center of the spa treatment and rest. It has more than three hundred mineral springs, plus kilometers of mountains, a lot of lakes, pine forests.

All this is a great place for SPA - resorts.

  One such place Bad Reichenhall.   This town is located fifteen kilometers from Salzburg Airport, and one hundred and thirty kilometers to the south-east of Munich, is ideally located on the border of Austria and Germany. Bad Reichenhall takes a worthy place in the constellation of small resort towns of Bavaria. This town is located in the heart of the alpine valley surrounded by mountains, lagoons and dense forests, but that's not all, Bad Reichenhall - a spa resort with healing alpine climate and salt springs, known for more than a hundred and fifty years. Being once a center of the salt pans, and the town still attracts a wealth of historic architecture, a variety of private villas and monuments in the neo-romantic style, cathedrals and churches.

  In this town nonpoor resort infrastructure, there is a fountain of salt "Gradierverk" - an open-long inhalation hundred and sixty meters, surrounded by picket fence made of branches of blackthorn and hawthorn, which is sprayed through up to four hundred thousand liters of water a source of salt daily. Instead Gradierverka is a magnificent fountain with mineral water - is one of the fifty-five fountains Bad Reichenhall.

But in the spa house "Fursetenbad" - a complete set of spa treatments .  This lymphatic drainage (lymphatic drainage massage), distinguish between simple and hardware .  Held in the course of the lymph nodes, thus achieving rapid clearance of toxic substances in the cells and tissues of the body .  During this massage improves blood circulation in the massaged area, which also has a beneficial effect on the body .  In cosmetic medicine holding of this massage is appropriate for cellulite .  This procedures such as electrotherapy - treatment of direct currents of different frequencies .  As a result, the treatment is rapid healing of venous ulcers and non-healing wounds .  These currents designate also expressed pain in the spine, joints, muscles, neuralgia and paralysis .  Just this underwater massage, therapeutic exercises, therapeutic baths, aromatherapy massage - this is when just before a massage into your skin rub m nice smelling oil .  Commonly used rose, rosemary, lavender oil, which, if inhaled or absorbed through the brain promote relaxation, improve mood; This and mud baths, mud treatments and cosmetology .  Before you send to are any procedures that you have to make a complete diagnosis of the organism.   Basic medical condition for staying in the resort of Bad Reichenhall is: respiratory disease, prevention and treatment of rheumatic diseases; diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as dermatological and gynecological diseases. The main contraindications, as elsewhere, are chronic diseases in the acute stage, acute infectious and inflammatory diseases, and oncology. This strict contraindication, but the rest - individually for each person that determine doctors already in place.

But in general German resort - is, above all, the high quality of German medicine   and features such as the nature of the German meticulousness and pedantry positive impact on patient care. The greatest advantage, for which many appreciate the Russian resorts - is the ability to "be treated in Russian," that is to communicate with the doctors in Russian. All doctors before they begin their work, taught Russian language, because the Russian people on the German SPA - resorts are no longer news. In addition, the German health services are not the most expensive, the price slightly above the Israeli, but humane American and Swiss.

During a holiday in Bad Reichenhall you can make fascinating trip in the surrounding area .

Worthy of a visit to the castle Martsol leading its history since the times of the ancient Romans, the castle ruin Karlstein (12th century), a defensive fortress Grutenshtayn (13th century). Of particular note is a trip to the birthplace of Mozart in Salzburg, where you can get acquainted with wonderful museums, parks, music and cultural events of the most popular places in Austria. (Recommended hotel in Bad Reichenhall - this hotel Steigenberger Akselmanshtayn, pride of the hotel is the Wellness Centre "Aslan", where the courses of beauty treatments, massages, baths and oriental treatments aimed at the regeneration of the body and the achievement of internal balance).

To be continued…
Author: Margarita Glushchenko