Contest recipes "Picnic + K"
 Dear friends, we present to your attention a new competition to picnic recipes from the company Kikkoman.

The competition "Picnic + K"   must submit recipes that you can take a picnic or cook outdoors. The recipe must be used Kikkoman soy sauce TM Confirming this photo.


- Registration counter at the thematic style of competition;

- Dish should correspond to the topics of the competition "Picnic";

- In the recipe to be used ingredient soy sauce , Use of the product TM Kikkoman   Recipe welcome.
Recipes are accepted from May 15 to June 11, 2014   (inclusive).

The competition results will be announced: June 20, 2014 .

For the winners of the company Kikkoman   provided the following prizes:

1st place - Electric Grill BBQ GF-650

Street electrical grill GF-650 BBQ - the best solution to the balcony apartment in the city, if you want to please yourself, even in winter, "summer" dishes. Elektrogrile save you from the trouble of cooking over charcoal, without sacrificing taste. Food cooked on the grill, it turns juicy, with the smell of smoke, with regular stripes from the grill.

 Contest recipes "Picnic + K"

2nd place - electric grill GF-220 Rosso

Amazingly beautiful red color in the style of Italian supercars. It is the perfect solution for those who are concerned about how to eat foods were prepared by high quality and tasty, and the finished dish was tasty and healthy.

 Contest recipes "Picnic + K"

3rd place - electric grill GF-200

Elektrogrile GFGril GF-200 - a dietary food without cholesterol and carcinogens, fully retained its juiciness uniformly fried and appetizing!

 Contest recipes "Picnic + K"

4th place - electric grill GF-150

This is a "brutal" design, mechanical control, removable surface, a large surface area.

 Contest recipes "Picnic + K"

5th place - electric grill GF-100

Elektrogrile GF-100 - prepared without oil in the cooking process of the product removes excess fat. No less important are the properties of the model, as the non-stick coating and easy cleaning.

 Contest recipes "Picnic + K"

6th place - electric grill GF-090 AROMA

This grill with innovative features AROMA grill for cooking food with the flavor of the wine, sauces and spices!

 Contest recipes "Picnic + K"

Award for the active participation of: FORESTER Picnic bag

The prize is given twenty (20) participants from among those who place the 5 competing recipes and more. The recipients of the prize are based on the subjective opinion of an independent jury.

For 4 persons. Designed for table outdoors. Made of polyester and faux suede. It has termootdelenie that keeps food and drinks cold for 4-6 hours.

 Contest recipes "Picnic + K"

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Author: Anna Shustrova