Levis believes that the jeans do not need to be washed!
 Director General Levis said Chip Bergh wash jeans big mistake. He offers to save water, wash denim as little as possible, or even refuse to wash.

Amazing confessions were made for the magazine Fortune. Berg said that its own jeans, which is now 1 year old, yet has never been in the washing machine. And dermatologists in vain worried about possible skin irritation, - said the expert - "as long as I do not have." But how much water and detergent powder savings!

Perhaps Berg lives in some other effect, where no germs and dirt? But most health professionals still inclined to believe that wash jeans. Dry cleaning is also not solve the problem, although the fabric retains its shape and color.

But in discussing the problem of the Internet, there were many Americans who agreed with Berg, and was told that, too, will never wash jeans.

And you wash jeans? How often?

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina