Maria Sharapova - the face of the new fragrance Avon
 Russian tennis player and highest paid athlete in the world (according to Forbes, 2014), Maria Sharapova - will now face fragrance advertising Luck by Avon. Recent triumfatorsha Roland Garros believes that the best way for it is impossible to come up with.

"The new fragrance gives you the opportunity to enjoy our victories", - says Masha cooperation with Avon, - «I always thought that the more you work, the luckier be because aspire to great goals." 27-year-old tennis player also noted that it is very pleased to work with well-known cosmetic brand because Avon helps women around the world achieve success and realize their dreams.

The new fragrance Luck goes on sale in Europe in September, and the US - in October 2014. The news that Mary was chosen advertising face of news came right after her win at the French Open. Yesterday saw the tennis player on the grass courts of London, but not as a tennis player, she appeared in the stands of the tournament in Queens Club to cheer on her boyfriend, the Bulgarian tennis player Gregor Dimitrov. After the match all the time spent on business negotiations and meetings, one of which she was named partner of Avon.

 Maria Sharapova - the face of the new fragrance Avon
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Author: Julia Gnedina