Contest "There will be a fireplace! "On
 In this age of rush, deadlines and traffic jams particularly strong shortage of peace and quiet. The desire to escape from the bustle of visits us more often than before. That is why the demand for things that create a cozy atmosphere, is increasing every year.

It is no secret that live fire amazingly attractive for our view: to the fascinating dance of the flame can be enjoyed endlessly. But it does not always have the opportunity to make a classic fireplace, even in a country house, and at the thought of having to bother with cleaning the ash and clean the chimney periodically desire to sit by the fire, sometimes even disappear. And so we would like by pressing just one button to enjoy the magical atmosphere of home ...

Today it has become possible thanks to the stylish and technologically advanced electric fireplace Alex Bauman. A variety of styles, sizes and colors - the card Alex Bauman. Floor or wall, corner or universal - you decide! The range of electric fireplaces has more than 30 models. You can choose the color of your fireplace wallpaper using the online service "Designer" on With electric fireplace
Alex Bauman create coziness was easy! Choose your own! Create your philosophy of comfort!

In the new competition, which carries the brand Alex Bauman we offer to choose a place in the apartment or house where you want to see the fireplace, take a picture of it (this place), and place the photo album in the competition. Yeah, sure in the comment to write why you are missing a fireplace in the house.

Three winners will receive a desktop electric fireplace Joy

 Contest "There will be a fireplace! "On

Compact electric oven. With its sleek design, excellent performance and realistic flame, this oven will become an element of decoration in a city apartment or a country house. This oven can be placed anywhere, such as a desk or dresser, and enjoy the fascinating play of flames. Fireplace hearth is equipped with non-separable LED Joy. The maximum heating capacity - 1, 2 kW.

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Author: Anna Shustrova