LUSH has announced the production of fresh masks in Russia
 Fresh mask - is a concentrated expression of love LUSH for fresh natural ingredients. It is a fresh cosmetics in top shape. Fresh whole fruits and vegetables are blended with the finest essential oils, clay, vinegar, fresh eggs to make face masks, which come straight from the kitchen to the store shelves.

These products did not contain synthetic preservatives! It is important to mask certain time remained on the skin to its nutrients were able to penetrate the skin as deeply as possible.

In March 2014 production of fresh LUSH masks opened in Russia.

The manufacturing process of the mask is the same as cooking in a conventional kitchen, except that there is no cooking step.

First and foremost - Ingredients . Our team of creative buyers travels around the world in search of ethical and high-quality oils, rose petals, infusions and other components.

But do not entirely rely on the ingredients. From Craftsmanship Technology   and from the precision of recipes   It depends on the outcome. The secret: the egg yolks experts believe LUSH in grams rather than units. That's why you get a perfectly balanced tool for facial skin, the most capricious of our body.

The third part - mixing . Yes, we are just like you are using a mixer. They're just a little more than a standard kitchen appliances. And you can admire their work indefinitely. But! The main track of time and consistency.

 LUSH has announced the production of fresh masks in Russia

Price: 485 rubles. (75g)

The presence of masks in particular LUSH stores can be specified by phone shop in social networks and forums.

Author: Anna Shustrova