New details about the wedding of Kim Karadashyan
 The publication US Weekly has published the first invitation, which sent guests dinner in honor of the wedding of star Karadashyan Kim and Kanye West.

Not all interested will be able to visit the wedding ceremony, scheduled for May 24th. Only 100 guests it will be available. For other couple arranges dinner the day before the event.

The wedding will be held in France. Other details are kept secret. Even on the invitation to the pre-dinner no details where guests should arrive. Organizers said that the report on the venue of the festival when the guest will have to be on French territory. Here's a Secret!

 New details about the wedding of Kim Karadashyan
That is the invitation for dinner May 23

As for the ceremony, the critics predict restrained and stylish event. And minimalist invitation - proof. In addition, it is reported that the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians will not broadcast the wedding as it was the last time (at the first wedding, Kim).

Press wondering not only about the scripts, menus and the guest list. The main intrigue, of course, is the design of the wedding dress. Earlier, the press leaked the various guesses. However, the very Kim May 7 clarified the situation, saying that "no one has seen her dress." And all the information about the future of dress requests considered false.

Author: Julia Gnedina