The summer edition of "Pink Honey" by Marc Jacobs
 Marc Jacobs is a new summer fragrance 2014 - Pink Honey (Pink honey). Juicy and bright scent in a bottle of extraordinary design.

The first honey fragrance from the House of Marc Jacobs came out in 2012 (Honey). Critics and buyers liked the idea of ​​a honey flavor for hot summer days. This year, the trend would be the honey collected from fruit trees, it is he has a delicate pinkish hue.

Fragrance Marc Jacobs Pink Honey - a refreshing and warm, bright and charming, juicy and floral-fruity.

Head notes:   tangerine, fruit punch, pear
Heart notes:   orange blossom, peach nectar, honeysuckle
Notes loop:   honey, golden vanilla, soft wood

 The summer edition of "Pink Honey" by Marc Jacobs

The fragrance comes in a rack Eau de Parfum (50 ml) in a pretty and playful package with the original design.

Author: Julia Gnedina