New BB and CC creams compact
 Manufacturers have decided to support a little fading interest in the so-called alphabetic cream (the most popular of them - BB and CC creams). Now more popular new forms of release of these funds.

The new packaging is compact in appearance with a cream product in a convenient and applicator sponge. Marked these products as Cushion Compacts, and literally translates as "a compact cushion." It means you can take it into her purse and easy to correct tonal coverage throughout the day.

This package provides a more even coat and rastushevyvanie product. Round sponge-sponge allows you to cover this, what you need: a sponge with a light touch turns the compact soft powdery veil on the skin, and with a sufficient pressing CD, you will have the effect of dense cream layer.

The only drawback may be called a limited term of the sponge and the possible development of bacteria in the sponge. And I would like to have considered options for manufacturers Cushion Compacts with a spare sponge.

Author: Julia Gnedina