Aroma Calyx: Now under the brand Clinique
 Clinique rediscovers Calyx and expanding portfolio of expressive flavors, each of which has its own special character. Calyx was first introduced in 1986 as a fresh, modern fragrance, and this composition is recognizable today. This fragrance was created for the woman who wants to find their own individual perfume, allowing it to stand out boldly against other and different at the same time clean and fresh. Calyx - a bright flavor that is better to try than to try to understand the words. This composition uplifting his cheerfulness citrus and floral depth.

Calyx   It has always been a special flavor from its very birth. His tart top notes of grapefruit surprise. This seductive, fruity odor that is recognizable from the first breath. The fragrance retains its brightness and courage from the top to the bottom notes. As one of the first fragrances with an expressive, modern citrus accord, Calyx was a breakthrough in the world of perfumes and initiated the floral fruity category . Calyx, received a five-star rating from the many experts perfume industry, including the co-authors of the book "Flavors from A to Z» (Perfumes: The AZ Guide) Luca Turin (Luca Turin) and Tania Sanchez (Tania Sanchez), passed with flying colors the test of time. And according to former perfume criticism of the New York Times Chandler Burr (Chandler Burr) Calyx remains "One of those rare fragrance that a woman can use all your life" .

 Aroma Calyx: Now under the brand Clinique

Word Calyx (Calixa)   translates as "cup" and a protective layer bud - green leaves, which hold even did not disclose the petals. Calyx - alluring scent, which is associated with green, fragrant world of plants. It's not just the smell of a bouquet of flowers or open. It goes the whole plant - from the roots in the ground to the elastic stalk and green leaves is intoxicating fragrance of flowers and fruits that are born from them.

The legendary perfumer Sofia Groisman (Sophia Grojsman)   He began work on Calyx after his trip to the Mediterranean, where she went to see his family. She could not help but pay attention to the heady fragrance of flowers and fruit that fills the house two trees growing from the windows: grapefruit and orange. And it is a unique combination of sunk into her memory.

In the early stages of the Calyx Sofia experimented with a combination of grapefruit and orange colors and in collaboration with the laboratory of chemist IFF was able to create a harmonious blend of sweetness with expressive roughness. The final result of her quest was the fragrance conveys the feeling that Sofia has experienced during his vacation in the Mediterranean. It combines the green of the leaves and the fragrance of flowers and a symbol of nature and energy, strength and life.

 Aroma Calyx: Now under the brand Clinique
  Aroma Calyx: Now under the brand Clinique

Calyx is bold, but simple composition. From the top to the bottom of the note it retains a perfect balance of pure freshness and sweetness of roses. Character fragrance convey two main notes:

• tart grapefruit   It gives the composition vigor and fills her juicy brightness.

• Green leaves   create a memorable feeling of damp, dewy freshness.

Top notes:   mango, passion fruit, papaya, mandarin, grapefruit, guava, green leaves.

Middle notes:   freesia, lily of the valley, rose, neroli, jasmine, lily, marigold.

Bottom notes:   oak moss, orris, sandalwood, vetiver.

Calyx - extremely fresh and modern fragrance that marked the beginning of the next generation of fruit, clean flower arrangements. It's a classic that's so nice to reopen.

On sale from April 2014.

The projected retail price:
30 ml - 3 500 rubles.
50 ml - 4800 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova