The new energy drink, coffee + oil
 It is possible that soon a new type of coffee will appear in the menu of our cafes and restaurants. Americans have him try and get a lot of energy for the whole day.

Receiving a hot drink mixed with oil has deep roots. For example, one of these recipes - Tibetan yak tea - there is a millennium. It is a frothy drink from tea leaves, oil and salt. Tibetans drank this tea before some great new business.

This drink is advised to do and nutritionists coffee and butter. They say that the oil in the coffee beverage will give a better taste, and most importantly - will add power for quite a long time. Coffee oil also improves brain function and satisfies the craving for a snack.

The oily additives advised to mix coconut and palm oils. Use the following varieties of unrefined oils.

Are you ready to try?

Based on materials from the publication Well & Good

Author: Julia Gnedina