The updated line of Amway Satinique
 For the first time in 10 years, the premium brand of Amway SATINIQUE completely updated line of care products for your hair. The improved formula and patented complex ENERJUVE help restore damaged hair, as well as improve the appearance and internal condition of the hair of any type. The collection presented SATINIQUE preparations for the care, rehabilitation and placement, penetrating deep into the hair structure, to strengthen and energize each strand.

For fifty years SATINIQUE brand seeks to combine science and carefully selected herbal ingredients to make the beauty and strength of your hair. In February 2014 the Russian market appeared completely renovated, both externally as the composition, collection SATINIQUE. Years of research have enabled scientists of Amway develop and patent a unique complex ENERJUVE - based on an updated collection of premium tools for hair care SATINIQUE.

ENERJUVE - an innovative complex that protects the hair from the harmful effects and neutralize the negative charge characteristic of the damaged areas of the hair. ENERJUVE contains reinforcing lipids, creatine and reducing saturated fatty acid, which moisturizes the hair. A set of actions in three areas: penetrates the hair shaft determines the damaged areas and strengthen weak areas, restoring and "reviving" the hair from the inside.

 The updated line of Amway Satinique

The structure of funds SATINIQUE includes herbal ingredients and nutrients, such as ginseng extract, pomegranate, soy protein, grape seed oil, avocado extract, provitamin B5 and others. Another innovation of the brand SATINIQUE - a bright new packaging bottles to help you easily distinguish between shampoos for different hair types.

Author: Anna Shustrova