Eau Tropicale - new fragrance Sisley
 The mystery of the tropical forest is fascinating. Dense, impenetrable, he lives in our dreams, imbued with warm sunshine. In it are hidden in the bright plumage of birds, flowers, exuding unfamiliar sweet and captivating zapahi.Plody seem full of temptations and taboos lost paradise Kusch.

We imagine its freshness and redundancy, tried again and again to amuse your five senses play with its dangers and surprises.

It is this half-real wood, light as a wave of the wing wave as an unknown flavor, and gives birth to a passionate desire to know the unknown, served as Isabelle d'Ornano (Isabelle d'Ornano)   inspiration for Eau Tropicale .

Before you allow us to get lost in his heart, the forest gradually immerses us in his life, promising full of sensations.

Everyone who comes near, he enchants little splashes of fresh musk with a slight sour chord exotic flowers: hibiscus, plumeria   and passionflower .

It was like after the rain poured sparks ginger   and spicy sweetness bergamot zest .

The charming and tempting flavor Eau Tropicale   invites you to get acquainted.

Gradually, in the depths filled with the smells of the forest opens his "heart."

It is built around a powerful intoxicating and exciting tuberose . But this dangerous flower perfumer gives somewhat unusual sound, transforming it into the air and sun tuberose, is shaded and enhanced Turkish rose   and tender violet .

Merry colorful and impetuous water Eau Tropicale is built on top of natural essences.

Dry wood chord Cedar Depth patchouli   and sensuality zёrnyshek ambretty   It gives it an unexpected power of a confident elegance and impeccable ...

 Eau Tropicale - new fragrance Sisley

The volume of 50 ml and 100 ml recommended price: 4015 rubles. and 6630 rubles.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova