Exhibition-Fair "Festival of Masters"
 We invite you to take part in the exhibition "Festival of Masters" with 06.03 on 03.10.2014, at the VVC Pav.69
Website: http://festivalmasterov.ru/
E-mail: info-russdom@mail.ru

Exhibition-Fair "Festival of the Masters"   - A festival of young, talented designers, artists and fashion designers .  The exhibition-fair workshops will present an unusual, interesting and contemporary works .  These are clothes from Russian designers and fashion designers from different countries .  Designer handbags and accessories .  Copyright ornaments handmade, traditional and avant-garde .  Dishes with the author's drawings .  Ethnic gifts and souvenirs .  Natural cosmetics and health products .  A variety of copyright works from the East, and Asia .  Visitors can make mehendi, henna painting on the body .  To sit in the tea and coffee, taste like traditional cuisine and sophistication of oriental cuisine .  Our members are designers, craftsmen, designers and creators of the unusual things .  "Festival of the Masters" dedicated to the International Women's Day March 8 .  The visitors have the opportunity to learn and explore the unique works of modern types of crafts and hobbies . 

 Exhibition-Fair "Festival of Masters"

Objective of the project:   Show creative masters of national cultures of the peoples living in Russia and abroad. To communicate with each master personally see and touch every little thing, made with love and inspiration. Please participants and visitors joyful atmosphere, music, dancing, refreshments and gifts. See the concert program and get a lot of positive emotions.

Free admission!
We invite exhibitors!

We will answer all your questions.

Call: 8 (499) 391-18-10 8-926-799-20-12 Svetlana

 Exhibition-Fair "Festival of Masters"

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova