Handstitched competition - "Floral Kaleidoscope"
 The theme of the contest - the flowers in all their manifestations. We invite all to plunge into the wonderful world of color! If you wish, you can make your favorite flowers, because our nature is so diverse and gives us daily inspiration to create masterpieces. Or you can dream up and come up with its own special flower, which, for example, grew up in the Elvish woods or on the floral meadow at the fairies. We believe in the fantasy world is also growing its gorgeous flowers, and maybe you even met them. In honor of the upcoming holiday and the coming of spring flower theme is particularly relevant, so let's please the others and themselves a variety of colors and compositions of the present Kaleidoscope Flower!

 Handstitched competition - "Floral Kaleidoscope"

The competition is open to all kinds of crafts!

The duration of the contest on February 10 - March 10. Voting March 11-16. The results of the 17 March.

The winners will be necessary and useful gifts from company Stadler Form!

Prize for the third and second place: Stadler Form Jasmine flavor

 Handstitched competition - "Floral Kaleidoscope"

Flavor "Jasmine"   It works in a similar manner that any ultrasonic humidifier. Special gold-plated membrane splits water into tiny droplets that are sprayed into the air. The intensity of the flavoring easily changed by adding the right amount of flavor additives. By the way, to use any oil-based additive, the manufacturer does not provide any restriction to use. The additive is easy to change, just drain the water and add a new with desired aromatic additives. Manage flavor is very easy, convenient e-government will be intuitively clear even to a child.

The prize for first place: the steam humidifier Stadler Form Fred

 Handstitched competition - "Floral Kaleidoscope"

Stadler Form Fred   Recommend leading Russian doctors and specialists, as it is the steam humidifier is most useful at the peak of virus outbreaks .  The humidifier will reliably protect your home and your baby from any infections, because the principle of pasteurisation is recognized as the most effective in the fight against viruses and bacteria .  The principle of operation of the steam humidifier is similar to an electric kettle - water in the tank is brought to a boil, then there is its intensive evaporation .  In the process of boiling water is pasteurization - the destruction of all pathogens, bacteria and viruses .  Thus, steam humidifier has one of the highest levels of sanitary protection .  Humidifier Stadler Form Fred protects the air and water in the house of lime .  For use in a humidifier of any suitable water quality .  Management humidifier Stadler Form Fred simple and intuitive - are located on the front panel mechanical buttons, using which it is easy to control the operation of the device .

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Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova