Oriflame and Tatiana Navka are fragrance Tenderly
 Oriflame champion and Olympic Winter Games 2006 in Turin, Tatiana Navka represent a new toilet water Tenderly, sensual fragrance that emphasize naturalness and charm of its owner.

The dominant note of the perfume bouquet of pink magnolia, whose quivering and light fragrance creates a spring mood. The new eau de toilette Tenderly   - For women who appreciate the happy moments of life and enjoy every day.

 Oriflame and Tatiana Navka are fragrance Tenderly

Emily Kopperman Perfumer: "Creating this fragrance, I think of my big family and joyous moments of communication with loved ones. When a woman is happy, loves and is loved, her heart filled with tenderness, which I would like to share. Family, motherhood, caring for hearth - these values ​​embodies the new eau de toilette Tenderly, a girl who chooses this fragrance embodies the warmth and tenderness. "

 Oriflame and Tatiana Navka are fragrance Tenderly

Tatiana Navka   He shares his impressions about the new product from Oriflame: "This is a very feminine fragrance, with whom you feel like a fairytale princess or a charming nymph. It felt softness, tenderness and even vulnerability. After all, by nature all women - fragile creation. That is why Tenderly eau de toilette is ideal for the beautiful half of humanity. "

 Oriflame and Tatiana Navka are fragrance Tenderly

Aroma type:   floral, fruity, powdery;
Top notes:   mandarin flowers, four-leaf clover, wild blackberries;
"Heart":   poppy, daisy, magnolia, orchid;
Plume:   heliotrope, sandalwood and vanilla.

Price: 880 Py. (50 ml)

Eau de toilette Tenderly on sale from March 10, 2014.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova