The contest "I'll meet a beautiful spring! "On
 Winter wonder angry,
Passed it is time -
Spring is knocking at the window
And driving from the yard.

Poet rights. Until the spring there are not so many, so soon to replace the heavy winter clothing come first light coat and boots with heels, and then ... Um ... Jackets, skirts, stockings, light trousers bright spring colors! But not everyone is ready to spring, because in the cold so want a tasty meal, and once again go for a walk not interfere suited for this weather. Instead, many prefer to sport a sofa and TV, and the same passive entertainment. What to do?

There are many options Express bring the figure in order, it can be read even in old magazines. However, we think that our customers have each his own, a time-tested way to meet beautiful spring.

Share them in the new competition, which is held in conjunction with online store in the "Health and Fitness".

 The contest "I'll meet a beautiful spring! "On offers customers a wide selection of products for health and beauty. We are the official online store of goods brands GESS, RestArt and EcoSapiens. In addition, we have a wide selection of modern gym equipment the world's largest brands. High quality products, regular replenishment assortment of interesting positions, the availability of discount programs and actions, as well as a variety of payment options and delivery order, ensure the reliability and comfort of shopping in our online store.

Prizes will be pleased with the Member States and help them become even more beautiful and well-groomed:

The winner will receive from device for facial and body hair Gess Darsonval.

 The contest "I'll meet a beautiful spring! "On

The device for facial and body hair Gess Darsonval unique device for face, body and hair Darsonval able to solve several common health problems: acne, cellulite, varicose veins, migraines, as well as hair loss. The device carries Darsonval physiotherapy effects (darsonvalization) in the body tissues of the body evanescent pulse current of high frequency. Darsonvalization activates biochemical metabolic processes in the skin and subcutaneous layers, normalizes blood circulation, improves the condition of the tissues and the supply of oxygen and reduces the threshold of sensitivity of nociceptors to external stimuli, providing an analgesic effect. The device has 4 Darsonval electrode tips of various shapes.

User runner-up will be awarded a masseur Gess Easy Tone .

 The contest "I'll meet a beautiful spring! "On

Easy Tone Massager will help you find the desired shape without exhausting workouts and strict diets. Regular massages with the appliance Easy Tone will save you from unnecessary kilograms and centimeters, eliminate cellulite and tighten skin. The device has 4 interchangeable heads for different massage effects. Select the desired attachment, set the required power vibration massage and apply to the problem area of ​​your body. Under the influence of vibrating massage your muscles start to contract reflexively, both during the workout routine, and you made no effort.

And the prize to the author of the work, took third place - moisturizer for the face Eco Sapiens Aqua Beauty .

 The contest "I'll meet a beautiful spring! "On

Aqua Beauty Moisturizer give the skin of your face deep hydration and freshness, as well as relieve irritation after tanning or sun tanning. Humidifier Aqua Beauty dressed normal or thermal water. He does not leave drops on the face, so your makeup will be perfect. Compact and lightweight moisturizer facial Aqua Beauty fit even in a small handbag. With it, you will forget about the sensation of dryness and tightness of skin.

But that's not all! Representatives of the online store and administration of social networks will be selected 2 poster in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which will get special prizes: 5 half-hour massages in any of the massage chairs represented in the showrooms of the company, to choose from.

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Author: Anna Shustrova