XI Annual Festival of health BezTabletok.Ru
 m. "Biblioteca. Lenin "Vozdvizhenka street, 3/5, 3rd entrance, meeting room. 19 - March 30, 2014


  Natalia Pravdina. March 19 (Wednesday) 18:30

Specialist in positive psychology, a master practitioner of Feng Shui, based on the knowledge of thousands of years of ancient Chinese science of success and prosperity, proves that we are all born winners for harmonious and abundant life! Author of the books "I am always lucky! "" My child - the future millionaire! "" I attract money "and others.

Mirzakarim Norbeck. March 20 (Thursday) 18:30
Doctor of Psychology, Doctor of Pedagogy, PhD in medicine, founder and president of the "Institute of human self-healing", a black belt in karate. Author unique uchebno¬ozdorovitelnoy system, returning to millions of people the joy of a healthy, fulfilling life. Author of the books "The experience of a fool, or the key to enlightenment", "Where winters gruel, or how to get Freestuff million decisions" and others.

Andrey Levshin. March 21 (Friday) 18:30
The creator of a unique integrated system recovery, the doctor of philosophy and psychology, a master of yoga, Qigong and Reiki. Author of more than 50 books, which help to make health - strong, life - happy, but the house - a full cup! Author of the books "Reiki. Healing Hands", "will perform the desired", "Yoga for 29 days," and others.

Three Evenings with Maya Gogulan. 24-25-26 March (Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday) 18:30

Having experienced the impotence of medicine against the approaching her "incurable" diseases, Maya Fyodorovna decided to fight for their lives on their own, using personal accumulated knowledge and Niche System - unique rules of healthy life. Through her books, circulation has exceeded 10 million copies., A lot of people also won their ailments. Author of the popular book "Say goodbye to the disease," "Laws of nutrition" and others.

March 24 18:30 - First Night
Niche system. Six health rules.
Practical demonstration exercises.

March 25 18:30 - Second Evening
Power system niches.
Prevention, treatment and cure of diseases.

March 26 18:30 - Third Evening
The spiritual power of man.
Presentation of the new book "In search of true love."

Anatoly Nekrasov. March 27 (Thursday) 18:30
Creator Center "School of Wisdom" and the program "Happy Family". Helped tens of thousands of people get rid of the complicated health problems, solve the problems of relations between children and parents, loneliness, alcoholism and others. His books include "Live Thoughts", "Mother's Love", "Love Polygon", "Life without crises" and others.
The cost of tickets for the master class - 800 rubles.

Eduard Gulyaev. March 28 (Friday) 18:30
Dr. Energy Information Sciences, the founder of a new method in the diagnosis and treatment of "polar medicine," Honoured healer of Russia, the winner of the international award "Profession - Life", author of "Everything is in your hands" and "Heal yourself easy."

All the participants of the master class bonus   - The right to attend free training in "Health and Harmony Academy Eduard Gulyaev" and the ability to take pictures in the same aura with 50% discount.


Boris swamp. March 22-23 (Saturday-Sunday) 12:00 -¬ 19:00

2-day seminar
Medicine and health from the standpoint of truth.

An outstanding scientist, pushing the limits of knowledge about cold fusion, treatment of cancer, cell regeneration and slow the aging process. Author of "Human health in an unhealthy world", "Steps to longevity" and others.

Victoria BUTENKO. March 29 (Saturday) 12:00 ¬- 19:00
Raw food diet - a new chance for your body. Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

The most famous Russian authors on the raw food diet, the author of the popular book "12 Steps to a raw food diet," "Green for Life", "Raw foodists Cookbook" and others. Her experience in motion a real "green wave" in America. At the seminar, Victoria tells about his personal transition to raw food and the difficulties that she and her family at the same time experienced and will share his culinary expertise and answer questions.

Ivan Neumyvakina. March 30 (Sunday) 12:00 - 19:00
University health professor Neumyvakina.

Name Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakina, more than 40 years dealing with issues of treatment and rehabilitation, known as profiles. doctors and those who represent alternative medicine. Dr. med. , Professor, Laureate of the State. Prize, author of more than 200 scientific papers, honored inventor. IP Neumyvakin tell you how to defeat many illnesses, which is not an obstacle or your age, or the "age" of your illness. Author of "Hydrogen Peroxide", "Endoecology health", "Skatertsamobranka ...", "Ways of getting rid of the disease: hypertension, diabetes ..." and others.

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Workshops and seminars will be held in the conference hall of the Russian State Library (m. "Library. Lenin", "Borovitskaya", "Alexandrovsky Garden", ul. Vozdvizhenka 3/5, 3rd entrance).
Entrance to the lobby and the auditorium for an hour before the event. During this hour you will learn a lot of interesting and useful information about health and profile literature from our partners.

You can buy Season tickets for all events from 19 to 30 March (when purchasing a subscription, you pay for the activities of 50%!).

Cards and tickets   It will be available in store, "Help yourself" (ie. (499) 179-10-20), the restaurant "Jagannath" (Vol. (495) 628-35-80) and in the shop "White Clouds" (Vol. (495) 621 -61-25), as well at the box office of the city and the subway.

Information phone: (495) -964-13-54   and (495) -926-4942   (round the clock).
The official website of the Festival www.beztabletok.ru.

You can book tickets for the festival by writing to e-mail: beztabletok@rambler.ru

The event allowed to use the recorder. It is strictly prohibited video!

Social discounts not, we invite volunteers ready to assist in the pre-event planning for free access. Seats for volunteers is limited, so we ask that you inform in advance about this by e-mail beztabletok@rambler.ru   or call (495) 964-13-54 .

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova