The contest "Slender and well-groomed feet goddess" with Venus & Olay on
 Slender and well-groomed feet - it is an achievement not only nature, but also every woman who is doing everything possible to take care of themselves, to maintain muscle tone, to give the feet rest after a busy day of work.

Share your secrets Beauty of your feet (set of exercises and physical activities) in the new competition and win on the prize for the best collection of winter leaving from Venus & Olay .

Each of the four winners of the contest will receive a corporate gift - a set of "Winter Goddess Kit" from Venus & Olay.

 The contest "Slender and well-groomed feet goddess" with Venus & Olay on

Especially for the winter season Venus   gift set is all that you need for a divinely smooth and well-groomed skin - always and everywhere, even in the cold season! Now a unique joint development of Venus & Olay - razor with five blades and moisturizing pads   - Applicable to a new convenient kit. It includes shaving system Venus & Olay with three interchangeable cartridges practical and stylish cosmetics bag as a gift. House and on the road, in any weather and in any situation razor Venus & Olay provides an incredibly smooth and clean shave, combined with excellent wetting of the skin, which is particularly important during the cold season. With the novelty of Venus & Olay nice and easy to care for a winter to always feel like a real goddess, confidence in their own beauty and finished to bright victories.

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Author: Anna Shustrova