Asienda.Ru - a new project group "MediaFort"
 We are pleased to announce the beginning of preparations for the launch of a new unique project for gardeners - gardeners, gardeners and farmers. Thanks to members of the group sites "MediaFort" jury and a new social network dedicated to private households, found the name of Asienda.Ru.

We thank all those who took part in the contest and vote in the name of the new site, which was held on the project "MediaFort" - in social networks "Country Mom», myJulia, myJane, Diets, Relook, portals and Povarё Hobbyportal, log myCharm. ru. Winner and active participants of the contest were awarded cash prizes by the group "MediaFort." The jury selected for the social network Spanish word "Hacienda", because this word not only means "manor", but it is in Spain and Latin America are very favorable conditions for the cultivation of all things, which is what we want your garden beds, gardens and flower beds.

Asienda.Ru - a resource with huge opportunities for its members, many of whom " MediaFort "Already implemented at creation of thematic social networks. We are convinced that thanks to our experience of the social network for all who are not indifferent to their infield, home, garden and the garden will be not just an encyclopedia of knowledge and experience exchange platform active experienced and novice suburban builders, gardeners and farmers. Founders of the project will try to do everything possible to Asienda.Ru became the site for you with an intimate atmosphere where you can relax your mind, share their achievements and take part in competitions with valuable prizes.

At the moment a group of female sites "MediaFort" about thirteen million unique visitors of a month. We hope that you, avid gardeners and growers, join the ranks of users Asienda.Ru - and discover a new and useful resource that fully meet your expectations!

You can become one of the first participants of the project, and thereby determine his face! Opening Asiendy.Ru in 2014. Go to the site now, leave your e-mail, and after some time we will send you an invitation. Leaving your data, you will be informed of all the news Asienda.Ru the project, and the first to learn about all the possibilities of a new social network. Welcome to Asienda.Ru !

Author: Anna Shustrova