Drew Barrymore revealed the sex of their unborn child
 The actress and owner of the cosmetics line Flower Drew Barrymore is pregnant for the second time. The other day, a celebrity learned the sex of the baby and share this news with the press.

Drew Barrymore expects girl. This actress announced on December 11 at a ceremony in 2013 Beauty Inc Awards in New York. By the way, at the ceremony Drew received the "Discovery of the Year" (mass market) for its very young brand cosmetics Flower (the official date of birth of the brand - January 2013).

In 38-year-old actress has a daughter, Olive baby is 14 months. Husband Will Kopelmanu 36 years.

Not yet born girl has given the unofficial nickname of «Chanel № 5". The author of the original name - the father of her husband Arie Kopelman. Arie - the former chairman of Chanel, hence such a love for the iconic name. A «№ 5" is also not accidental, because the future will be the fifth daughter Drew granddaughter Arie.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina