Lena Lenina head the nail magazine
 The famous French media tycoon invited our compatriot in Paris Lena Lenin lead the new beauty magazine about beauty nails.

Not for nothing, because Lenin is a co-owner of Europe's largest network of salons, bearing her name, Network manicure studio Lena Lenina, and though almost all the studios are located in Russia, did not notice a nail success was impossible. Moreover, Lenin is a successful author of a number of books published in French in Paris prestigious literary publishing houses, and its ability to write everything already proven.

The magazine plans to talk about new trends in manicure, about caring for the body and a healthy lifestyle. In the last paragraph of the non-drinker, non-smoking vegetarian Lena also give odds to many members of the entertainment industry.

Has a remarkable business acumen, the businesswoman asked to include in their contract except for the driver's personal and even a masseur. A little nuance of her favorite masseur working in Moscow Bontabelle spa club and a lot of money does not get up to the employer himself, and his flight from Moscow to Paris.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova