New collection of lacquers from the Illuminate Sparitual
 Magnificent splendor of triumph, shine spotlights, sparkling in the sun crystal glasses in which is poured expensive champagne, seductive glow of gems in exquisite accessories - all embodied in the Christmas collection of nail polishes from Illuminate Sparitual.

The collection includes 6 exciting colors:

Intention   - Radiant red (80053);
Intuition   - Purple with Shimmer (80435);
Imagination   - Purple and blue shimmer (80,436);
Intellect   - Blinking blue (80437);
Invention   - Shimmering gold (80313);
Improvisation   - Berry flicker (80,054).

 New collection of lacquers from the Illuminate Sparitual

Elegant, shimmering, iridescent shades collection Illuminate   instantly create a rainbow around you holiday mood. Juicy, vivid, imaginative nail-design, made with the help of these magnificent flowers, perfect for dinner parties, birthdays or meetings with the beloved.
In addition, you will not find in the composition of varnishes harmful substances such as toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. Therefore, using them can not worry about their health.

Volume: 15 ml
Price: 900 rubles.

 New collection of lacquers from the Illuminate Sparitual

Also, experts of the company Sparitual represent your attention a new exclusive set Illuminate . It contains a beautiful, comfortable, stylish, eco-bag made of natural materials, as well as two nail polish from the new Christmas collection Illuminate   - Radiant red Intention   and purple with Shimmer Intuition .

Volume: 2 * 15 ml.
Price: 1620 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova