"The Feast of Winter Nights" with Neutrogena
 In the last week of October in the Scandinavian countries begins holiday "Winter Nights". A month Norwegians are preparing for the harsh season: find stocks, not buy the right products and warm clothes to meet the November 27 armed with the New Year at the Scandinavian calendar. They are sure that only the strongest have the courage to resist the cold.

Neutrogena «Norwegian Formula" has opened its secret winter nights

Assess the effectiveness of the famous "Norwegian formula" for maximum recovery, hydration and protection of sensitive and dry skin. Meet winter with Neutrogena «Norwegian Formula"!

Hand Cream scent Neutrogena «Norwegian Formula" Concentrated

It contains a record high amount of glycerol (40%). Thanks to its formula, a small amount of cream is enough to your skin softer after the first application.

 "The Feast of Winter Nights" with Neutrogena

Hand cream is odorless Neutrogena «Norwegian Formula"

Quick help for dry and damaged skin of hands. Thanks to the protective properties Instantly restores and protects chapped skin, reduces the risk of micro-cracks and roughness.

 "The Feast of Winter Nights" with Neutrogena

Balm lipstick Neutrogena «Norwegian Formula"

It recommended for protection against aggressive environmental influences and restore dry, cracked skin.

 "The Feast of Winter Nights" with Neutrogena

Body Milk "Deep hydration" for dry skin Neutrogena «Norwegian Formula"

Vehicle designed for dry skin, moisturizes and nourishes 24 hours, protection from adverse effects, gives a feeling of softness. The formula is rich in glycerin and nutrients.

 "The Feast of Winter Nights" with Neutrogena

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova