American surrogate mother - a successful woman
 What kind of women do you imagine when you hear about the surrogate mother? Financial need and accidents? In the US, all the way around.

Surrogate motherhood center in the United States do not cooperate with women from a poor environment. It is believed that these mothers are at risk. As a rule, they do not have very good health, they are morally depressed, often have problems with health insurance. About this newspaper writes NewYorkTimes, quoting the head of one of the oldest in the United States centers on surrogacy.

Average surrogate mother in America, educated, often have higher education, working part-time, have more children, which gave birth to yourself. Right Portrait of a successful woman!

American surrogate mothers often as customers are choosing gay couples, rather than the usual pair, afraid to provoke jealousy on the part of the barren ordered it.

Surrogate mother in the United States are guided by a sense of care and love for children, rather than material reward - such conclusion made by journalists. It turns out that the US surrogate mothers really like that they help in the creation of a full-fledged family to others.

As for financial reward - it is, indeed, America is quite modest - from 20 to 30 thousand dollars.

Author: Julia Gnedina