The contest "perfect match" with Ariel and Indesit
 They say each person has a soul mate, the perfect couple that best suits him, and look no further. And it so happens not only with the people! How earnestly we rejoice when the shoes are suitable for dress, and curtains - to the upholstery of the couch when using the successful combination of cosmetic products we are able to achieve amazing effects. If you look, ideal couples around very much. Write about one of them, and win a prize from another perfect pair - and Ariel brands Indesit, who teamed up in order to help the modern woman.

The three winners of the contest "perfect match", which takes place in a social network for parents, "Mom Zip" in cooperation with the Women's encyclopedia, will receive branded fondyushnitse that will allow you to surprise relatives and guests of the original fondue - cheese or chocolate - to your taste .

 The contest "perfect match" with Ariel and Indesit

Partnership producer Ariel Procter & Gamble Company and Indesit - this organic union of the two leaders, whose success is innovation. Thanks to a new washing machine Innex laundry becomes incredibly simple and convenient, and use the recommended Indesit Washing powder Ariel provides superior otstiryvaniya spots - the best among the premium powders.

Conditions of the competition...

Author: Anna Shustrova