Waxing for larger women is more expensive
 One of British salons unpleasantly surprised their clients. To determine the price for the service staff of the salon women know their sizes. And put the final score on the basis of these parameters.

Interior - is the author of innovations in south London (his name MM Bubbles). Arguments of the following places: overweight women have a higher body surface area, and they require more material. However, while prices increased only waxing. But everything goes to what may be revised rates for wraps, peels and other body treatments.

How many have to pay extra for a full waxing for women? If a woman has a size greater than the 44th, it should be added to the cost of waxing 8 dollars, and if the lady has a 50th the size and more, the supplement will be $ 16.

British women have rebelled! They talk about discrimination and humiliation, call ignore tactless salon.

However, so-called "fee for completeness' in many areas already is familiar. For example, in some European and American airlines plane tickets more expensive for people to fat build. And, perhaps, the tax to be complete around the corner?

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina