At what age do women feel most beautiful?
 A new survey shows that the most beautiful women feel before the thirtieth birthday.

Company St. Ives, manufacturer of skin care products, conducted a survey among women. Among other things, was the question of the age at which women feel more beautiful. And the majority of those surveyed said that the peak of their appeal fell on 29 years.

The reasons for such a response, not only in the fact that the skin during this period almost flawless (acne and acne behind, and deep wrinkles have not appeared yet) for a sense of attractiveness affects things like self-confidence and love. And this in 29 years abound.

Other findings of the survey are not less interesting. For example, most women said they feel the most beautiful on Friday at 10 am. A fatigue - the main reason why a woman stops to consider themselves beautiful.

Almost half of respondents said that makes them feel less beautiful: a stress and an abundance of beautiful women in the neighborhood.

The most beautiful moments of life (that is, in these moments a woman feels at the peak of attractiveness) of respondents said their wedding day, holidays and pregnancy. And compliments from other women (not from men!) Were named the best confidence booster.

And what role in the appeal of playing make-up? It seems not very big. Because 17% of women said they feel the most beautiful when they are at home and no makeup. Only 7% said that the sense of beauty comes to them, if they have a lot of makeup.

Author: Julia Gnedina