Cold cream Clinique Comfort On Call back on sale!
 Skin protection, especially in cold climates, is very important to maintain its strength and elasticity. Leather impaired protective barrier becomes more susceptible to the harmful effects of common allergens and pollution. According to numerous requests from customers Clinique is softening protective formula Comfort On Call.

Comfort on Call   It provides an invisible layer of protection to maintain the hydration and skin lipid barrier, making it eventually becomes less susceptible to the effects of external aggressors. Comfort on Call   It improves the condition of dry, chapped skin, softens and smooths it, improve its texture. This rich, thick moisturizer balm instantly gives the skin a feeling of comfort and moisturizes all day long.

The new cream Clinique Comfort on Call Allergy Tested Relief Cream Suitable for people with very sensitive skin, helps the skin to defend yourself from such external stimuli as pollution and dust. This deeply moisturizing cream containing an extract of the fruit of a rare citrus plants Jabara, which is native to Japan Wakayama region, helps soothe irritated skin.

 Cold cream Clinique Comfort On Call back on sale!

Tested by dermatologists and efficient for even the most sensitive skin, Comfort on Call:

- Instantly improves the condition of dry, dehydrated, irritated skin.

- Helps protect the skin from extreme weather conditions, while maintaining a level of moisture.

- Suitable for all skin types, which is becoming very dry when exposed to low temperatures.

- At constant application helps to reduce the sensitivity of the skin, peeling, cracking or zagrubenie skin.

Apply morning and evening after individually selected 3-Step System Clinique skin care, or use if necessary. Do not apply on the skin around the eyes.

Price: about 2850 rubles.

On sale since November 2013

Author: Anna Shustrova