Natalia Vodianova is pregnant
 Yesterday, Antoine Arnault, the current partner of the Russian model, posted in his Facebook page incredible news that his girlfriend is pregnant with their first child.

Antoine Arnault - the son of the president of LVMH, Bernard Arnault. Officially, relations between Natalia and Antoine are not decorated, Natalia called him her boyfriend and Antoine Natalia - his girlfriend.

Post to Facebook accompanied by lots of exclamation marks and emoticons, from which it can be concluded that Antoine incredibly glad that soon become a father. This will be the first child for him, and the fourth for Natalia.

Sex of the baby is not yet clear: "This is a brother or sister for Natasha's children" - says Arno. A birth is expected in the next 2014. Now, it seems, began the second trimester of pregnancy. Caring Antoine said that Natasha was very tired in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

"I hope that the baby will be the appearance mothers (and a beautiful heart!). And Dad's sense of humor! But please, not vice versa! "- I tried to joke future happy father.

Author: Julia Gnedina