New consultation: Parapsychology and folk medicine!
 Dear readers, draw your attention to the fact that our website has opened a new free consultation! It is dedicated to the issues of interpersonal relationships, parapsychology (Yes, yes! Do not hesitate to ask questions about the mysterious events in his life) and traditional systems of healing!

Elena Meili   - A specialist in interpersonal relationships, Master of Traditional Medicine, a specialist in energy-forecasting and traditional healing systems, expert parapsychologist no center "Avesta". Winner of the contest "The Best Healer of Russia last decade of the twentieth century", was awarded the medal "For the healing work."

What can you ask Helen?

Elena gives competent and interesting comments on the topic of interpersonal relationships, the supernatural life events, omens, the problems of children and parents. Elena Meili also gives advice on health issues.

Ask your question Elena Meili

Author: Anna Shustrova