The contest "The image of the day" with PHILIPS to
 Just heard perelistnuv calendar, come November, and even managed to doshagat almost to the middle, and it is said that a new stage of competition "The image of the day" starts right now!

Project and brand PHILIPS pleased to announce the launch of a new, November, stage of the competition "The image of the day." To participate in the contest post your image, illustrated with photographs, not older than 14 days, in the category "Fashion Territory", subheading "The image of the day" on November 10, 2013 to December 10, 2013 and win one of three magical prizes from world famous brand Philips!

The winner, whose image pick up the maximum number of points as a result of user voting will become the owner of the hand garment steamer Steam & Go GC320.

 The contest "The image of the day" with PHILIPS to

Steamer Steam & Go - the irreplaceable assistant to care for delicate fabrics such as silk, cashmere, chiffon, jersey, fine wool. The new steamers are suitable for use not only with the gentle and delicate: the kit also includes a special nozzle is designed for processing of clothes from a dense tissue, such as a coat or jacket.

Member whose image will evaluate the administration of the project, will receive a tapered tongs Philips ProCare soft coated Soft-touch.

 The contest "The image of the day" with PHILIPS to

The updated model of tapered tongs Philips, like the previous, has a unique indicator that signals a willingness to curl and allows you to create installation without damage to the hair. This provides the most gentle styling and keeps hair strong and shiny.

The device can be heated to 200 ° C, which guarantees lasting results, and thanks to the temperature control can be selected suitable for any type of hair styling regime.

And the image on which to stop the choice of the contest sponsors, representatives of the brand Philips, becomes the owner of a hair dryer Philips Salon Dry AC Pro HP8195 technology Best Care Technology, which takes care of the beauty and health of the hair and protect them from damage.

 The contest "The image of the day" with PHILIPS to

Technology Best Care Technology allows you to quickly and gently dry your hair, so you should not worry about overheating and damage. In addition, the new professional hair dryer is equipped with a powerful electric motor AC and ceramic elements that allow you to adjust the air temperature. Thanks to the Cold Shot to rapidly cool the hair after drying is immediately ready for installation. Thanks to special technologies that will help provide gentle care to hair, the new hair SalonDry AC Pro HP8195 will be indispensable at home and in traveling.

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Author: Anna Shustrova