All the happiness in love in 2014 by Vasilisa Volodina
 Without false modesty, I will say that I was the first astrologer in the world who made a similar forecast. Still, it is not easy to replicate! I do not want to paint, how much effort it cost me, it is unlikely that zainteresuesh reader. But the result should definitely be interested. Find your full date of birth (day, month and year) in the table "dominant of the Year" at the end of the book and read the key phrase, which means against the date of birth. It will be the dominant 2014 year for you - key information. (Vasilisa Volodina)

How to keep love? Whether it is necessary to plan the wedding? How do you know that I met true love? .. Answers to these and similar questions can be found in the "love forecast for 2014" by the most authoritative specialist in this area - Vasilisa Volodina.

Renowned astrologer, expert of popular TV programs, Vasilisa Volodina actively helping to everyone to find personal happiness. Vasilisa not only received professional education astrologer, but also actively apply their knowledge in practice is not the first year. In order to get to the individual consultation to the most famous astrologer and astropsychology country, you need to wait a few months. Books, in which Vasilisa shares his unique methodology, available to anyone who decided to get support in their relationship with a loved one from the oldest science in the world.

 All the happiness in love in 2014 by Vasilisa Volodina

Vasilisa invites the reader to abandon conventional ideas about how the system of astrology horoscopes, including the same advice for each sign of the zodiac. The author provides the reader with the help of the developed her professional astrological tables make an individual horoscope love for 2014 on the basis of date of birth.

"When I look in the horoscope of the client, to predict his personal life, not primarily interested in the sign of the zodiac - says Vasilisa. - I'm much more important than the way in heaven located Venus   at the time of his birth, than that he was born in May or June, under the sign of Gemini. Without going deep into the foundations of the astrological theory say that horoscope - a map of the sky at the moment of birth. Diagram showing how to arrange the Sun, the Moon and the planets of the solar system in the heavens and relative to each other. "

Individual sky map will help every reader to learn more about themselves and gain confidence in the fact that love and personal happiness very close.

About the author:  All the happiness in love in 2014 by Vasilisa Volodina
 Vasilisa Volodina - professional astrologer, TV presenter, astropsychologist. Already as a teenager Vasilisa Volodina became interested in esoteric, tarot cards and hand. However, the first education, which received Vasilisa was economic. Later, the girl was admitted to the Moscow Academy of Astrology, and in 1992 began working professional astrologer. In 1996, Vasilisa Volodin began her career as a television presenter and began to lead the program "Starry Night Vasilisa Volodina." Vasilisa now participates as an astrologer in popular programs of the First Channel, "Let's get married." She is married and has a daughter.

Author: Anna Shustrova