NEW: antiperspirants THERME Skincare
 Sports, fitness, leisure, exercise, emotional stress, stress - these are some of the causes of sweating. Odors associated with reproduction of bacteria can cause various problems and phobias, thereby affecting the social life of man. Antiperspirants help control perspiration and control odor. In order to feel confident every day you must choose a safe and effective tool that protects and cares for your skin throughout the day!

The Dutch brand THERME   For 35 years, helping to take care of your skin, preserving its beauty and health. Experts of the brand around the world collect unique ingredients and programs for body care.

THERME   It offers a line of antiperspirants to solve the problems of perspiration and odor.

THERME Antiperspirant provide an effective system of triple protection:

1. protection against the growth of bacteria;

2. regulation of sweating;

3. hypoallergenic fragrance.

 NEW: antiperspirants THERME Skincare

Ensure safe and gentle care of your skin: do not contain dyes, preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, and other components that can irritate sensitive skin.

THERME Antiperspirant have been dermatologically tested.

Author: Anna Shustrova