Rosie Huntington-Whiteley going to let your makeup
 British Vogue quoted the model itself that it is now looks for a niche in the field of beauty.

Rozz going to repeat the success that had her lingerie collection, created in cooperation with Marks & Spencer. The more that work in the beauty industry for her is not new. She is the advertising face of the fragrance Burberry The Body, also worked with Nuxe.

While the model did not disclose what kind of cosmetics attracted her: hair's Skin Facial or decorative. After all editions of Vogue Rozz admitted that she prefers to make-up and ease of care. And if she does not shoot, it only makes the hair, preferring to remain with the naked person.

With whom Rozz create their funds - is not clear, but most likely it will be a British brand, as the model is considered to be the epitome of the British fashion world of beauty.

Author: Julia Gnedina